Attending Black Hat USA 2013?

Attending Black Hat USA 2013? From briefings and trainings to adversary detections and book signings, CrowdStrike will be there in full force! See below for a full list of events to see CrowdStrike in action. 

Black Hat Trainings:Cyber Intel F3EAD Trainer: Adam Meyers, VP of Intelligence, CrowdStrike 

The US Special Operations Forces pioneered a methodology called F3EAD, which enabled amongst other things the ability to take out insurgent and terrorist...

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CrowdStrike Expands Sales Leadership Team

CrowdStrike Expands Sales Leadership Team: Names Kurt Speck SVP of Worldwide Sales & Operations and Scott Fuselier Worldwide Director of Enterprise Accounts & Channel

As a guy who grew up playing a lot of different sports, it became clear to me from a very young age that the winning teams usually had the best athletes. I say usually because there were a few teams that had great players, yet they never had the right chemistry to win it all. These were the teams that had stars...

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Active Defense: Time for a New Security Strategy

We are soon coming up on three decades since the beginnings of the commercial security industry in the mid 1980s, and it’s a good time to take stock of where we are and how far we’ve come. It is indisputable that the capabilities of security technologies and corporate implementation of security policies are light years ahead of where they were even a decade ago. Yet, the actual state of security of most companies is worse than ever. This is evident by the constant stream of headlines with...

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CrowdStrike Falcon Unveiled: The Power of The Platform

It’s been almost a year to the day since we announced the formation of CrowdStrike, a company totally focused on identifying and preventing the damage from targeted attacks. Over this past year, we have continued to hire rock stars and grow our company. But just hiring rock stars, experts in their respective disciplines, is not enough to build a transformational company. Galvanizing our collective vision into something that can be used by customers around the globe requires focused execution...

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RSA Conference: USA 2013

Attending RSA Conference 2013?

Be sure to check out the following CrowdStrike speakings sessions, book signings and community tool demos. Highlights throughout the week include a live demo of P2P botnet takeover and a Hacking Exposed session featuring live demonstrations of the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of the Chinese threat actor group, Anchor Panda.


MONDAY, February 25th, 2013

RSA Innovation SandBox: Active Defense - When, When, and How?Time: 4...

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IDENTIFY: *NEW* Offerings from CrowdStrike Services 

In my former life as Principal Cyber Security Systems Engineer for a DoD contractor, I was witness to many targeted attacks.  During my tenure, we enlisted the help of another "well known" player that focuses on dealing with targeted attacks and provides incident response services.  After extensive research, I believed that we were using the latest and greatest technology and intelligence.Then I met George Kurtz, who introduced me to...
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Former Air Force Information Ops Commander joins CrowdStrike as Senior Director for Strategic Operations

I am proud to announce that Colonel Mike Convertino, USAF (Retired), has joined CrowdStrike as the Senior Director for Strategic Operations where he will focus on planning and executing offensive/active defense and information operations strategies for our customers.  Mike is an ardent and vocal advocate of taking the cyber fight to the adversary and co-authored a paper while at Air War College in 2007 calling for adding cyber capabilities and strategies to the Air Force to ‘fly and fight’...

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FBI's Top Cyber Lawyer Steven Chabinsky Joins CrowdStrike as SVP of Legal Affairs and Chief Risk Officer

I am delighted to announce that Steven Chabinsky is joining the CrowdStrike team on September 10th, 2012.  Steve most recently served in the highest-ranking civilian (non-law enforcement officer) position in the FBI’s Cyber Division.  Steve will be assuming the role of SVP of Legal Affairs and Chief Risk Officer (CRO) for CrowdStrike.  In this role, Steve will be instrumental in addressing complex cyber security issues faced by our customers as well as helping to manage privacy and risk...

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Hacking Exposed 7: Changing the Game

Summer time in the internet security community tends to be hot and busy, and this summer has been no exception for many of us!  It was great to see many of you at Black Hat in Las Vegas recently as my new company CrowdStrike continues to attract worldwide interest and is blossoming daily. We really appreciate everyone’s support and interest in our mission. However, this blog is not about CrowdStrike, it is about continuing the tradition of helping to educate and connect with the security...

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