Labyrinth Chollima

North Korea


LABYRINTH CHOLLIMA is one of the most prolific Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) adversaries tracked by CrowdStrike and has been active at least since 2009. CrowdStrike assesses this adversary is likely affiliated with Bureau 121 of the DPRK’s Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB)—North Korea’s preeminent intelligence service. LABYRINTH CHOLLIMA is responsible for some of North Korea’s mo...

Community Identifiers



  • TnCOucSZRBswif9
  • 4wPt7VAMYj2TWsBmJyxN1hizKS6X
  • Ard5tSmgUcGBLl71HsOTMf6
  • 0P8WsYwprzvD


  • BcdfU3jamGwKQ06

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