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How to Think Like an Adversary to Defend Your Network


Today’s adversaries are sophisticated, thinking ahead about what your defense strategies might be, and finding ways to circumvent your tactics.

To stay ahead, you must think like an adversary and understand their constantly evolving methods.

CrowdStrike experts Christopher Scott and Justin Weissert spend their days studying adversaries, and their moves and countermoves against our defenses. In this month’s CrowdCast on – How to Play Chess with Pandas and Bears – they share their knowledge of adversary thinking, including the latest bad guy TTPs.

Here are some common defenses your adversaries may be outsmarting:

  • IDS/IPS,
  • Whitelisting,
  • DLP,
  • Two-factor authentication VPN solutions

It’s highly likely that adversaries may already be on your network, lurking, waiting for the right opportunity to compromise your data, your brand, or your assets. And, if they have not breached these defenses yet, surely you want to know how to stop them.

Learn how to stay several moves ahead of adversaries. Tune in to this month’s CrowdCast, How to Play Chess with Pandas and Bears, on Thursday, May 7th from 2pm – 3pm EDT. Click here to register.

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