CrowdStrike EMEA’s John Titmus Offers Insights on Protecting Against Today’s Biggest Threat Actors

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CrowdStrike Director of Engineering for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) John Titmus shared his insights with SC Magazine recently in an article titled, “Who’s behind the keyboard: The biggest threat actors challenging your current security strategy.”  The following are some excerpts from this article:

Organizations Must Be Vigilant

“We know that security should be top-of-mind in any business, especially given the fragility of the information-led world we live in today. If not adequately protected, businesses can leave themselves open to a variety of potential risks — from eCrime and targeted spear-phishing campaigns, to rising nation-state activities, targeting dissidents, regional adversaries and foreign powers looking to collect intelligence for decision makers.”

The Geopolitical Climate Can Increase Vulnerability

“The U.K., in particular, is on the front line for cyberattacks. Speaking at the CYBERUK conference, GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters, Britain’s intelligence, cyber and security agency) Director Jeremy Fleming made a case for a “national effort” to improve the U.K.’s cybersecurity, highlighting that the amount of intellectual property and personal data we hold makes us a key target for threat actors. And within our current tumultuous geopolitical climate, this will come as no surprise. The question is how to respond.”

Adversaries Are in an Arms Race

“In the past, (CrowdStrike has) documented cases where bad actors target an organization with strong defense techniques in their environment, fail, and simply go back to the drawing board, adding new weapons to their cyber arsenals as they look for a novel, less defended point of entry. This has only highlighted the importance of reacting to threats in real time and staying ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Organizations need cybersecurity tools that provide teams with visibility over the entire technology stack to counter all kinds of threats.”

Adhering to Best Practices is Key

  • “It is essential for security teams to have an in-depth knowledge on the current threat climate, key trends, and the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) deployed by adversaries on a daily basis.”
  • “Understanding the threat landscape, not only from a U.K. perspective, but also on a global scale, is a valuable perspective for all organizations considering how to defend themselves — and from whom.”
  •  “Looking at this from a more strategic perspective, it helps security teams learn and develop the scope to create new hunting and detection methodologies — which in turn increases investigation efficiency against persistent cyber adversaries.”

The Way Forward

“Through innovation and momentum within the cybersecurity sector, there has been an increase in products readily available to help organizations protect themselves from these pressing and concerning threats. All that is left is for businesses to adopt, integrate and operationalize these into their infrastructure, before it is too late. By adopting metrics like the 1-10-60 rule…detect malicious intrusions in under a minute, understand the context and scope of the intrusion in 10 minutes and initiate remediation activities in less than an hour…organizations can set themselves up to measure their effectiveness against the worst adversaries out there.”

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