Meet CrowdStrike’s Adversary Of The Month For June: MUSTANG PANDA

Meet CrowdStrike’s Adversary of the Month for June: MUSTANG PANDA

The June 2018 adversary spotlight is on MUSTANG PANDA, a China-based adversary that has demonstrated an ability to rapidly assimilate…

CrowdStrike Honored As Best Enterprise Security Solution In SC Awards Europe

CrowdStrike Honored as Best Enterprise Security Solution in SC Awards Europe

CrowdStrike® was honored by SC Media when the CrowdStrike Falcon® endpoint protection platform was named Best Enterprise Security Solution for…

CrowdStrike CTO Explains “Breakout Time” —  A Critical Metric In Stopping Breaches [VIDEO]

CrowdStrike CTO Explains “Breakout Time” — A Critical Metric in Stopping Breaches [VIDEO]

This video features CrowdStrike® Co-founder and CTO Dmitri Alperovitch discussing why “breakout time” is a critical measurement for organizations trying…

Taking Protection To A New Level: CrowdStrike Announces Its $1 Million Breach Prevention Warranty

Taking Protection to a New Level: CrowdStrike Announces its $1 Million Breach Prevention Warranty

Although many industries have long offered product warranties to assure customers the products they purchase will function as advertised, this…

Positioning Cybersecurity As The Business-Enabling “Department Of Yes”

Positioning Cybersecurity as the Business-Enabling “Department of Yes”

Note: Guest Blogger Erik Hart is the CISO and Director of IT Risk Management at Zebra Technologies Corp., but the…

CrowdStrike Scores Highest Overall For Use Case Type A Or “Forward Leaning”  Organizations In Gartner’s Critical Capabilities For Endpoint Protection Platforms

CrowdStrike Scores Highest Overall for Use Case Type A or “Forward Leaning” Organizations in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Gartner just released its inaugural Critical Capabilities for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) report, showing CrowdStrike® with the highest overall score,…

Don’t Even Think Of Complying With The New NIST Cybersecurity Framework!

Don’t Even Think of Complying with the New NIST Cybersecurity Framework!

Guest blogger Steve Chabinsky, former CrowdStrike General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer, now serves as Global Chair of the Data,…

CrowdStrike Addresses High-Profile Breaches And More At This Year’s Gartner Summit

CrowdStrike Addresses High-Profile Breaches and More at This Year’s Gartner Summit

At the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2018 in June, CrowdStrike CTO and Co-Founder Dmitri Alperovitch will offer a…

Taking Security To The Next Level: CrowdStrike Now Analyzes Over 100 Billion Events Per Day

Taking Security to the Next Level: CrowdStrike Now Analyzes over 100 Billion Events Per Day

From the very beginning, CrowdStrike® set out on its mission to stop breaches by harnessing the power of the cloud.…

An In-Depth Analysis Of Samsam Ransomware And BOSS SPIDER

An In-Depth Analysis of Samsam Ransomware and BOSS SPIDER

Introduction This analysis provides an in-depth view of the Samsam ransomware, which is developed and operated by the actor tracked…


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