Trying To Dance The Samba: An Exercise In Weaponizing Vulnerabilities

Trying to Dance the Samba: An Exercise in Weaponizing Vulnerabilities

Introduction This blog tells the story of a failed Samba exploitation attempt. The goal was to assess what it would…

CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz In Entrepreneur Magazine: What It Takes To Lead

CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz in Entrepreneur Magazine: What It Takes to Lead

A recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine titled, “I've Gone From Entrepreneur to the Corporate World and Back Again. This Is…

Hidden Administrative Accounts: BloodHound To The Rescue

Hidden Administrative Accounts: BloodHound to the Rescue

Defending an organization from today’s sophisticated attacks is no easy task. It often requires security teams to be ready at…

CrowdStrike Wins SC Magazine 2018 Award For Best Security Company And Best Enterprise Security Solution

CrowdStrike Wins SC Magazine 2018 Award for Best Security Company and Best Enterprise Security Solution

The excitement didn’t stop at this year’s RSA event as CrowdStrike picked up two prestigious SC Magazine 2018 Awards at…

CrowdStrike Delivers A Trifecta Of New Products And Features: Falcon X, EPP Complete And Major Enhancements To Falcon Insight

CrowdStrike Delivers a Trifecta of New Products and Features: Falcon X, EPP Complete and Major Enhancements to Falcon Insight

I’m proud to announce that CrowdStrike® continues its mission to deliver the most powerful endpoint protection in the industry with…

Operators Of SamSam Continue To Receive Significant Ransom Payments

Operators of SamSam Continue to Receive Significant Ransom Payments

On March 22, the city of Atlanta, Georgia, was crippled by a ransomware attack that has since been identified as…

A Hunter’s Perspective: Detecting Formbook 3.8 Activity In Your Environment

A Hunter’s Perspective: Detecting Formbook 3.8 Activity in Your Environment

Formbook is a tool that has been available for purchase from criminal forums for several years —  it’s used to…

Meet CrowdStrike’s Adversary Of The Month For April: STARDUST CHOLLIMA

Meet CrowdStrike’s Adversary of the Month for April: STARDUST CHOLLIMA

STARDUST CHOLLIMA is a targeted intrusion adversary with a likely nexus to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). This…

CrowdStrike Exemplifies The RSA 2018 Theme: “Now Matters”

CrowdStrike Exemplifies the RSA 2018 Theme: “Now Matters”

Another year has rushed by and even though RSA moved to April, it hardly seems possible it will be here…

Securing Your Business With The Cloud: The Sky’s The Limit

Securing Your Business With the Cloud: The Sky’s the Limit

Note: Guest blogger Erik Hart is the CISO and director of IT risk management at Zebra Technologies Corp., but the views…


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