Adam Meyers

Adam Meyers has authored numerous papers for peer-reviewed industry venues and has received awards for his dedication to the information security industry. As Vice President of Intelligence for Crowdstrike, Meyers oversees all of CrowdStrike’s intelligence gathering and cyber-adversarial monitoring activities. Previously, Meyers was the Director of Cyber Security Intelligence with the National Products and Offerings Division of SRA International where he provided technical expertise at the tactical level and strategic guidance on overall security program objectives.

Articles from Adam

CrowdRE: Alpha++ Release

CrowdRE: Alpha++ Release

Since CrowdStrike released our free Crowdsourced Reverse Engineering (CrowdRE) service in June, the team has been hard at work building…

CrowdStrike Intelligence –  Adversary-based Approach

CrowdStrike Intelligence – Adversary-based Approach

Treating the problem, not the symptoms Having spent the better part of the last 10 years dealing with various cyber…


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