Christopher Scott


Christopher Scott has years of targeted threat detection and prevention expertise, and has more than 15 year of business proficiency from his time serving at Fortune 500 companies and the Department of Defense. As a Director for CrowdStrike Services, he supports a variety of engagements, including security reviews, incident response, data loss prevention, insider threat analysis and engineering threat detection systems, business continuity and disaster recovery processes. He also assists with building risk recognition systems and advancing the CrowdStrike Services practice.

Articles from Christopher

5 Steps For Enhancing Your Security Team

5 Steps for Enhancing Your Security Team

The threat level has never been higher for organizations charged with protecting valuable data. In fact, as recent headlines will…

There Is No Such Thing As ‘Business As Usual’ When It Comes To Incident Response

There is no Such Thing as ‘Business as Usual’ When it Comes to Incident Response

When your network gets breached – and I do mean when and not if – the first question that needs to be answered is…

How To Prepare For And Respond To Targeted Attacks

How to Prepare for and Respond to Targeted Attacks

Targeted attacks are inevitable in organizations with sensitive data. Depending on the situation, a targeted attack may involve the theft…

Mitigating Pass The Hash (PtH)

Mitigating Pass the Hash (PtH)

To look back one year in the life of technology is a long time, so 16 years could be considered…



IDENTIFY: *NEW* Offerings from CrowdStrike Services In my former life as Principal Cyber Security Systems Engineer for a DoD contractor, I…


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