Dan Brown

Dan Brown

Dan is a 15-year veteran of the cybersecurity industry with a career that spans contributions to DARPA, NASA, and other government agencies, as well as several successful private-sector startups. Having seen the value of academic approaches to information security problems, as well as having been involved in the trenches of security operations, his career in security has focused on combining best-of-breed ideas and technologies with a firm understanding of real-world threats to deliver rubber-meets-the-road solutions that work. At CrowdStrike, Dan engages in research to support ever evolving detection and prevention technology.

Articles from Dan

Understanding Indicators Of Attack (IOAs): The Power Of Event Stream Processing In CrowdStrike Falcon

Understanding Indicators of Attack (IOAs): The Power of Event Stream Processing in CrowdStrike Falcon

Event Stream Processing (ESP) has been a central component of CrowdStrike Falcon’s IOA approach since CrowdStrike's inception.  In this post…

The Economics Of Ransomware: How SCADA/ICS Changes The Equation

The Economics of Ransomware: How SCADA/ICS Changes the Equation

Recent reports of SCADA/ICS proof-of-concept ransomware have spurred fresh discussion on the topic. Few threats exceed the level of concern…

What Sets Falcon Apart: Intelligent Host Sensors

What Sets Falcon Apart: Intelligent Host Sensors

It can be difficult to distinguish between “next-generation” endpoint security solutions currently available.  Usually the technology lags marketing by a…

Nothing Else Is Working. Why Not Memory Forensics?

Nothing else is working. Why not memory forensics?

I ran across a couple of blog posts recently that were espousing the virtues of memory forensics.  Having developed a…


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