Dmitri Alperovitch

Co-founder and CTO of Crowdstrike, Dmitri Alperovitch leads the Intelligence, Technology and CrowdStrike Labs teams. Alperovitch has invented 18 patented technologies and has conducted extensive research on reputation systems, spam detection, web security, public-key and identity-based cryptography, malware and intrusion detection/prevention. He is a renowned computer security researcher and thought leader on cybersecurity policies and state tradecraft. Alperovitch’s many honors include being selected as MIT Technology Review’s “Young Innovators under 35” (TR35) in 2013. He also was named Foreign Policy Magazine’s Leading Global Thinker for 2013 and received a Federal 100 Award for his information security contributions.

Articles from Dmitri

CrowdStrike Falcon Defeats GOTHIC PANDA In MITRE Nation-State Emulation Test

CrowdStrike Falcon Defeats GOTHIC PANDA in MITRE Nation-State Emulation Test

For the roughly three decades that the commercial cybersecurity industry has existed, it has struggled with a fundamental problem –…

How Falcon And The “Power Of One” Eliminate System Tray Bloat [VIDEO]

How Falcon and the “Power of One” Eliminate System Tray Bloat [VIDEO]

A big concern for today’s IT executives is how to protect endpoints while avoiding “system tray bloat,” the condition that…

Shamoon Round 2 Or The Power Of Machine Learning

Shamoon Round 2 or the Power of Machine Learning

On August 15, 2012, a significantly destructive wiper called Shamoon was unleashed by suspected Iranian adversaries on several energy companies…

CrowdStrike Falcon Certified As Legacy AV Replacement

CrowdStrike Falcon Certified as Legacy AV Replacement

We started CrowdStrike five years ago with the mission to revolutionize endpoint security. At that time, no one was talking…

Adversary Tricks And CrowdStrike Treats: 2016 Halloween And AtomBombing Edition

Adversary Tricks and CrowdStrike Treats: 2016 Halloween and AtomBombing Edition

Yet another season for trick-or-treating is upon us, and just like I did last year, I wanted to share some…

Bears In The Midst: Intrusion Into The Democratic National Committee

Bears in the Midst: Intrusion into the Democratic National Committee

Follow @CrowdStrike and @DAlperovitch for the latest on these threats   UPDATE: Below are some additional links to independent articles…

Moving Beyond Indicators Of Compromise (IOCs)

Moving beyond Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

For the last few years, the security industry has become very enamored with Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) as a way to…

Can’t Protect Your Data From Ransomware? Think Again.

Can’t Protect Your Data from Ransomware? Think Again.

Read Video Transcript All too often, I hear from executives of large and small organizations that aside from targeted attacks,…

The Latest On Chinese-affiliated Intrusions Into Commercial Companies

The Latest on Chinese-affiliated Intrusions into Commercial Companies

It has been nearly three weeks since the announcement on September 25th of the landmark Cyber agreement between the United…

U.S. – China Agreement On Cyber Intrusions: An Inflection Point

U.S. – China Agreement on Cyber Intrusions: An Inflection Point

Chinese economic espionage reached its boiling point some time ago, and has been scalding industries throughout the world for years…


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