Sven Krasser

Dr. Sven Krasser is a recognized authority on network and host security. He currently serves as Chief Scientist for CrowdStrike, where he oversees the development of endhost and cloud-based Big Data technologies. Previously, Dr. Krasser was at McAfee where he led the data analysis and classification efforts for TrustedSource. He is the lead inventor of numerous key patented and patent-pending network and host security technologies and is the author of numerous publications on networking and security technologies.


Articles from Sven

CrowdStrike Machine Learning And VirusTotal

CrowdStrike Machine Learning and VirusTotal

Over the past three months, CrowdStrike worked closely with VirusTotal (VT), and we are excited to announce the integration of…

Advanced Falconry: Seeking Out The Prey With Machine Learning

Advanced Falconry: Seeking out the Prey with Machine Learning

Interest in Machine Learning is on the rise. This was also evidenced by the attendance of our recent CrowdCast on…

Data Science & Machine Learning 101: Hunting The Unknown

Data Science & Machine Learning 101: Hunting the Unknown

Over the past year, the security industry has seen a renewed interest in Machine Learning and related techniques. The increased…


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