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Custom Alerts for IT Hygiene


As many organizations around the globe are settling into longer-term remote working situations for their employees, IT Hygiene should be at the forefront of preventative security protocol. Adversaries are getting increasingly savvy, taking advantage of changes in work environments. Since IT hygiene requires even more oversight than before, how can security teams effectively see potential issues with their dispersed environment? 


Customizing Your Alerts

Having comprehensive visibility over a remote workforce is critical when it comes to IT Hygiene. Without that visibility, security teams will not be able to stop attackers who are now specifically targeting their attacks to prey upon remote workers. Tactics such as phishing with IT spoofing or fake health alerts, credential harvesting and even attacks taking advantage of lapses in an organization’s SaaS services immediately jeopardize the wellbeing of any working environment. 

Security staff need an easy way to see what’s going on. 

Simply getting a report on password logon attempts or file and application usage is not enough, for two reasons: security staff need to see what’s going on in their environment in real-time, and they need a way to prioritize the data they are seeing in order to fully address the gaps in their system. 

And of course, each organization has special security factors to consider. Custom prioritization of alerts then becomes the heart of cybersecurity hygiene in order to efficiently see what lapses in security or potential malicious behavior could be occurring.


The Falcon Discover module provides your security team with complete visibility to monitor the activity around the applications, accounts, and assets in your environment – no matter where workers are located. Falcon Discover sits within the cloud-native Falcon endpoint protection platform, allowing you to see real-time data as well as contextual information about vulnerabilities and other endpoint security details. 

Tailor what you monitor by using the custom alerts feature with Falcon Discover. Customize one of the many templates available and specify a number of options to alert your security staff when suspicious activity that is relevant to your organization occurs. 


Get immediate time to value, extend your visibility and protect your organization regardless of physical location. Try CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform for free: https://go.crowdstrike.com/try-falcon-prevent.html

Content Provided by Alyssa Ideboen

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