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How to Deploy CrowdStrike Falcon Using Jamf Pro


This article provides basic information about the installation of Crowd Strike Falcon sensor using Jamf Pro server.


Versions Supported: Jamf Pro 10.6.0 and later
Jamf Nation account
Jamf Pro
One Mac running Sierra or above
Jamf Composer


Step 1 – Building the Package using Jamf Composer

NOTE: Knowledge of using Jamf Pro is required.

    1. Install CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor on a Mac with your customer ID checksum (CID) entered
    2. Download the Package Manafest from Jamf Nation – https://www.jamf.com/ jamf-nation/third-party-products/files/994/crowdstrike-falcon
    3. Open Composer
    4. Cancel the initial Assistant in order to upload the Package Manifest

Composer 1

5. File -> Import Package Manifests

Import Package Manifests

Composer 2

6. Once imported, select “New” button

Composer NEW button

7. Package Manifest -> Pre-Installed Software -> select CrowdStrike Falcon option

pre-installed software Falcon

8. Composer will find all the associated files installed on your computer that relates to the Manifest

9. Select the “Build as PKG” option

Build as PKG

10. Newly created pkg file should be available wherever you decided to save it

Step 2 – Setup New Extension Attribute within Jamf Pro


1. Download the Jamf Pro Extension Attribute from https://www.jamf.com/jamf- nation/third-party-products/636/crowdstrike-falcon?view=extensionAttributes

2. Open Jamf Pro -> Settings -> Computer Management -> Extension Attributes

Extension Attributes

  1. Select the “Upload” button in upper-right

Upload Button

4. Validate all the information that was uploaded including the script

5. Select Save


Step 3 – Deploy Package using Jamf Pro

    1. Open either Jamf Admin or Jamf Pro
    2. Upload Package to your Jamf distribution point(s)
    3. Open Jamf Pro -> Computer -> Policies -> select to create “New” policy
    4. Name this policy
    5. Select the Packages section, Configure the CrowdStrike package to be deployed
    6. Select the Maintenance section, click on Configure (nothing more needs to be done in this section)
    7. Select the Scope tab
    8. Scope the deployment first to a test Mac to validate before selecting all Macs

Step 4 – Validate CrowdStrike extension attribute

  1. Open Jamf Pro -> Computers -> Search Inventory -> enter into the search field the computer name -> Press Enter
  2. Under the General inventory section, the CrowdStrike version number should be listed. This will validate what version and the installation was successfulJamf Test MBPro
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