Vulnerability Patching for a Remote Workforce


With your IT and security staff working remotely, accessing and controlling systems scattered across multiple locations – from the cloud to physical offices and workers homes – can be challenging as vulnerabilities continue to surface. Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday regularly contains over 100 fixes for multiple products. Many of those vulnerabilities are actively exploited by the time the patches are made available. Are your teams able to take control and respond as needed?

IT challenge of the day: Remote system access for remediation

When critical vulnerabilities are identified, they can impact both servers and clients. Sometimes, a patch is not available when the vulnerability is discovered and the only way to protect against it is some type of workaround. In a recent Microsoft Windows remote code execution vulnerability, for example, a registry update could be applied as a temporary solution to keep the system safe. In those cases, the question becomes, how can the remote staff perform the necessary operations to temporarily secure the remote systems?  And, when available, can your remote staff access these systems to apply the patch?




CrowdStrike’s cloud-native Falcon platform gives your team the visibility, secure system access and control they need to respond – regardless of where your staff or systems are located.

With the always-on, lightweight Falcon agent, you can quickly search your distributed environment and see which systems are vulnerable. Simply select that system and connect to it with Real Time Response, a feature of the Falcon platform that is found in the Falcon Bundles and Falcon Insight. Real Time Response is a powerful tool that gives your teams the ability to remotely and securely access systems for administration tasks, remediation actions or forensics data collection without requiring physical access to the system. With a set of built-in commands and the ability to run scripts and PowerShell, administrators can easily perform tasks from updating a registry to installing a patch.


Get immediate time to value, extend your visibility and protect your organization no matter where they are. Try CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform for free:

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