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Protecting Your Remote Workforce

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Extending Visibility to a Remote Workforce

Welcome to CrowdStrike Falcon
PowerShell Hunting with CrowdStrike Falcon
Custom Alerts for  IT Hygiene
Reducing the Attack Surface with Custom Indicators of Attack
Actionable Indicators to Protect a Remote Workforce
Flexible Policy Management for Remote Systems
System Recovery using Real Time Response
Threat Intelligence to Protect a Remote Workforce
Expanding Protection with Remote System Control
Offline Protection for Remote Systems
Threat Hunting with a Remote Workforce
Remediation with a Remote Workforce
Lateral Movement Detection with a Remote Workforce
CrowdStrike Protects All Remote Workers
Falcon X – Intelligent Alerts for a Remote Workforce
Host Firewall Protection for a Remote Workforce
Vulnerability Management for a Remote Workforce
Vulnerability Patching for a Remote Workforce
Securing Mobile Devices for a Remote Workforce
Application Hygiene for a Remote Workforce
How to Get Better Visibility with Falcon Insight
How to Remotely Remediate an Incident
How to Manage USB Devices
How to Gain Visibility into Mobile Devices
How to Manage a Host Firewall with CrowdStrike
How the Falcon Platform Simplifies Deployment and Enhances Security
How to Get Better Protection with Falcon Prevent
How to Navigate Falcon Discover
How to use Uninstall Protection for the Falcon Agent
How to Contain an Incident
How to Hunt for Threat Activity with Falcon Endpoint Protection
How to Use Falcon Insight to get Additional USB Device Visibility

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