What is CrowdStrike University (CSU)?
Where can I learn more about your courses?
What is a CrowdStrike University subscription?
How do I get a new user added to CrowdStrike University?
What is the difference between a CrowdStrike University Access Pass and a CrowdStrike University Annual LMS Subscription?
My account has expired. How do I get access again?
Training Credits
What are Training Credits?
Account Management
How do I update my time zone in CrowdStrike University?
I forget my password. How can I reset it?
What are the CrowdStrike certifications you offer?
Are there prerequisites for the certification exams?
How do I register for a certification exam?
Are the certification exams suitable for non‑native English speakers?
Do certifications expire?
Is there a waiting period between exam attempts and how many attempts are allowed?
Instructor-Led Courses
Are instructor-led courses offered in a private setting?
How do I register for an instructor-led session?
How are instructor-led classes delivered?
How do I access course materials after I’ve completed the course?