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Falcon Prevent for Home Use FAQ

What is Falcon Prevent for Home Use?

For organizations with remote workers who use personal computers to access corporate resources, CrowdStrike® Falcon Prevent™ for Home Use is a lightweight, preconfigured solution designed to help organizations protect those hosts and monitor security threats. CrowdStrike Falcon® Prevent for Home Use allows organizations to provide their employees with a low-cost option for securing their personal Windows devices, so employees who must use a home system to access corporate resources can do so safely and productively.

How is Falcon Prevent for Home Use installed?

After obtaining user consent to install the Falcon Prevent for Home Use agent, the organization must provide the user with a download link for the lightweight agent as well as a unique user verification code, which will be provided by CrowdStrike.

The user will download the installer via the link provided and execute it on their home Windows PC. Upon doing so:

  • The user will be prompted with a checkbox to accept the CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent for Home Use Terms of Use and privacy notice.
  • The user will be prompted to enter their unique verification code.

The Falcon agent will install and automatically register with the organization’s Falcon for Home Use instance. This process completes quickly and requires no user interaction or configuration beyond providing the information stated above.

Where will the Falcon Prevent for Home Use installer be hosted for end user download?

CrowdStrike will host the Falcon Prevent for Home Use installer on crowdstrike.com, providing a simple, streamlined option for software distribution. Alternately, organizations may host the installer and make it available to their employees from a location of their own choosing. Organizations choosing to host the installer privately should ensure that it always mirrors the latest available version from CrowdStrike.

What will home users see after Falcon Prevent for Home Use is installed?

After installation, end users will see a pop-up notification when the Falcon sensor blocks, kills or quarantines malware. No user action is required, but these notifications can help them understand why something isn’t working as expected. It directs them to contact their IT team.

What operating systems are supported by Falcon Prevent for Home Use?

Falcon Prevent for Home Use is currently available on all Windows 32- and 64-bit desktop operating systems that are currently supported by the CrowdStrike lightweight agent.

Will Falcon Prevent for Home Use interfere with my user’s existing antivirus?

Falcon Prevent for Home Use is designed to install alongside existing antivirus solutions, if any are present.

How will end users get access to support for Falcon Prevent for Home Use?

The organization will be responsible for support for its home users, including questions or concerns about installation, detections and false positives. CrowdStrike will provide support for Falcon Prevent to the customer through standard channels and not to individual home users.

How are home use systems differentiated from enterprise-managed systems in the Falcon console?

Home use systems are maintained separately from enterprise-managed systems within the Falcon console. This ensures that organizations are able to maintain appropriate policies and access controls for home user systems, separately from enterprise assets.

How does Falcon Prevent for Home Use protect user privacy?

The Falcon Prevent for Home Use preset policies are optimized to protect employees’ privacy as they use their personal computers to work remotely. To minimize exposure of personal information, certain features are preset or not available:

  • Preset prevention settings are designed to minimize the collection of personally identifiable information (PII). As with standard Falcon Prevent, only detection-related machine event data is sent to the cloud.
  • The “Upload quarantined and unknown files” setting is disabled — no home use files will be uploaded to CrowdStrike.
  • Real Time Response and network containment are not supported.

Most information is collected through metadata, but in some cases, personal information may appear within the metadata, such as that associated with usernames, filenames, file paths and machine names. This data may be legally protected in some countries. Customers are asked to review relevant privacy laws, regulations and our privacy notice with their legal team before rolling it out. We recommend making employees aware of these aspects and explicitly gaining their consent before providing access to Falcon Prevent for Home Use.

For more details, a privacy white paper describing the data collection and privacy features of Falcon Prevent for Home Use is available via your CrowdStrike representative.

I am currently a CrowdStrike Falcon customer. Where can I find more technical details on Falcon Prevent for Home Use?

Customer-facing documentation is located in the Falcon console under Support → Docs.