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Falcon X Premium Elite FAQ

What is Falcon X Elite?

Falcon XTM Elite delivers threat intelligence expertise and expanded capabilities to Falcon X Premium subscribers. At the heart of the Elite program is an assigned CrowdStrike® threat intelligence analyst with vast experience battling nation-state and eCrime adversaries.

The Elite analyst acts as a member of your team to ensure you have actionable, relevant and timely visibility into the threats that matter most — those to your organization, sector and region.

Beyond access to an Elite analyst, Falcon X Elite delivers research performed by CrowdStrike on your behalf, including threat briefings, intelligence training and more. Falcon X Elite is designed to focus on what is important to your organization and maximize your investment in CrowdStrike threat intelligence.

How can Falcon X Elite benefit my organization?

Falcon X Elite expands your organization’s threat intelligence capabilities. Whether you have an established cyber threat intelligence team or you are just getting started, Falcon X Elite increases your team’s capacity, expertise and scope. The Elite analyst assigned to your organization has access to all of the global CrowdStrike Intelligence data, information and insight.

This provides you with a conduit into worldwide endpoint telemetry data, incident response activity, malware and forensics data, human intelligence, online forum activity and more. To most organizations, collecting and analyzing threat data at this scale is an expensive, daunting task, but with Falcon X Elite, CrowdStrike will perform research using this data, filter out the noise and identify what is critical to your team.

Is a Falcon X Premium subscription required with Falcon X Elite?

Yes. Falcon X Premium is CrowdStrike’s premier threat intelligence subscription. It provides a comprehensive set of capabilities such as indicators of compromise (IOCs), malware analysis, threat intelligence reporting, YARA/SNORT rules and more. Falcon X Elite expands the Falcon X Premium subscription by providing an assigned threat intelligence analyst dedicated to personalizing the intelligence to your organization’s needs.

How can I communicate with a CrowdStrike Elite analyst?

There are a variety of convenient communication options to ensure prompt response. These include email, phone, text messaging and instant messaging. We recommend using Slack for instant messaging, but other options are available.

What are priority intelligence requirements (PIRs) and why are they important?

Priority intelligence requirements (PIRs) are a key component of the threat intelligence lifecycle. PIRs define the threat intelligence questions you need answered, from threats to your executives to threats to critical data in specific applications or operating systems or within your business operations.

An understanding of your PIRs helps CrowdStrike know what is important to you. CrowdStrike captures your PIRs during onboarding and updates them regularly — and if you don’t have PIRs, you will receive guidance and recommendations. PIRs are critical — with an understanding of your PIRs, your intelligence can be personalized and CrowdStrike will proactively alert you if any relevant activity is observed.

What is a request for information and an “RFI Pack”?

A request for information (RFI) allows Falcon X Premium customers to request threat intelligence research on a specific topic they choose and receive a custom CrowdStrike response. For example, if your organization is looking to implement a two-factor authentication solution, you may want to know “What threats or vulnerabilities exist in two-factor authentication?” You can submit this as an RFI, and CrowdStrike will assign a domain expert, perform research on your behalf and deliver a custom intelligence response.

Each Falcon X Elite subscription includes one Falcon X Premium RFI Pack, which enables up to five RFIs that can be used throughout the term of the Falcon X Elite subscription. If you exhaust your allotment of five RFIs, additional packs are available for purchase. Please contact Sales for more information.

What is a Threat Graph inquiry?

CrowdStrike Threat Graph® is the brains behind the Falcon endpoint protection platform. Threat Graph predicts and prevents sophisticated threats in real time using the industry’s most comprehensive set of endpoint telemetry data, threat intelligence and AI-powered analytics.

Threat Graph is populated by millions of endpoints protected by CrowdStrike Falcon across 176 countries and collects trillions of events per week — providing real-time visibility into how adversaries operate worldwide. A Threat Graph inquiry enables you to submit an IOC for research, which is then put through a Threat Graph search to identify whether that indicator is unique to your environment, focused on a specific sector, region or demographic, or is a commodity attack.

How is Falcon X Elite priced?

Falcon X Elite pricing will be the greater of (a) the specified minimum subscription fee or (b) a percentage of your Falcon X Premium subscription. Falcon X Elite must run concurrently with a Falcon X Premium subscription.