100+ sessions.

8 tracks.

3 days.

1 incredible opportunity.

Uncover new strategies and hone skills for securing your enterprise, your customers and your cloud with a curated selection of sessions, workshops and panels throughout Fal.Con. Eight tracks of breakout sessions cover both business topics and technical how-tos; mix and match for your ideal agenda.

All session abstracts and speakers will be shared August 10


Journey to Cloud

Build Confidently in the Cloud. Businesses developing modern applications are leveraging the speed and agility of multi-cloud environments to deploy faster with greater product differentiation. Their developers are constantly spinning apps up and down, racing to make and release improvements.

You'll learn:

  • How an adversary-focused approach to cloud security is the only way to stop breaches
  • The impacts that digital transformation is having on an expanding attack surface
  • How to protect your hybrid estate

Cloud Track Sessions

  • Cloud Security 2.0: Trends, Best Practices and the Next Big Thing
  • Agentless Security: Does the sensor still make sense?
  • Innovate with AWS and Secure with CrowdStrike
  • Cloud-Native Application Platform (CNAPP): Bridging the GAP for DevSecOps
  • Identity Security: The New Perimeter for the Cloud
  • Full Stack Secure Cloud Development with CrowdStrike
  • Cloud Threat Hunting: Why, What and How
  • Unified Cloud Security with CrowdStrike and EY
  • The Need For Anti-Fragile Cloud Security Operations
  • Behind (e)BPFDoor: A Linux Frenemy


The Future of Endpoint Security and SecOps

Start with XDR - the Future of Security. Stopping the most advanced attackers requires a fundamentally different approach to cybersecurity. Join CrowdStrike product visionaries, industry experts and your peers to:

  • Optimize your existing endpoint protection and IT SecOps capabilities for unrivaled protection
  • See how the Falcon platform helps you break the silos between IT and security operations
  • Understand the latest breakthrough innovations designed to counter adversaries and harmonize security operations
  • Push the boundaries of endpoint security forward with Falcon XDR

The Future of Endpoint Security & SecOps Track Sessions

  • Taming the Falcon V3: A Guide to New Innovations You Might Have Missed
  • Salesforce's Journey: Realizing the Potential of the Falcon Platform for Endpoint Protection
  • Cool Query Friday: Using Frequency Analysis to Find Hidden Attacks
  • EDR Arsenal: Automate Risk Reduction with the Falcon Platform
  • Defining the Future of XDR with Forrester Research
  • XDR: Integrating Response Actions Across Vendors with the XDR Alliance and Zscaler
  • What's Next: Extend Detection and Response with Falcon XDR
  • Building Best-in-Class AI: Hidden Secrets of the CrowdStrike Security Cloud
  • Breaking Attacks with AI: How the Falcon Platform Uses Analytics to Stop Emerging TTPs
  • AI-Powered Indicators of Attack: The Next Generation of Stopping Advanced Threats with Behavioral ML


Security Services

Supercharge Your Security Team. Security programs are only as effective as the people and process used to run them. Ensure you're equipped with the necessary skills and staff to detect, respond and recover from modern attacks faster than any adversary can achieve its mission. Join CrowdStrike experts in incident response, managed detection and response (MDR) and threat hunting to:

  • Scale the modern SOC with integrated MDR and Falcon technology
  • Hunt and remediate advanced threats in the wild
  • Execute incident response with unprecedented speed and precision
  • Mature and optimize security defenses and strategy

Security Services Track Sessions

  • MDR Customer Panel: Learn from Your Peers
  • Nowhere to Hide: Key Findings from the OverWatch Annual Threat Hunting Report
  • The Call is Coming from Inside: Combating Insider Threats
  • Avoid the Breach, Save the Weekend: Lessons Learned with CrowdStrike Services
  • Understanding the Value of Persistence Techniques Adversaries Use to Burrow into Your Network
  • Rapid Response and Recovery: Seven Key Ingredients for IR Efficacy
  • Mind the Gap: Closing the Distance Between Executive and Practitioner Views of Security
  • Analyzing IceApple: From Detection to Decompilation
  • Stopping Adversaries in Their Tracks: How to Run Your Security Operations the Falcon Complete Way
  • Attack & Defend Demo LIVE: Web Shell Intrusion Scenario


Threat Intelligence

Take an Adversary-focused Approach to Cybersecurity. Gain an understanding of the current and emerging adversary threats across the threat landscape.

In this track, you'll:

  • Learn about the latest innovations in adversary tradecraft
  • Understand ongoing cybercrime and cyber espionage campaigns
  • Understand how to apply threat intelligence to drive proactive defenses

Threat Intelligence Track Sessions:

  • Threat Intelligence Best Practices at Airbus Defense & Space
  • Simple Threat Hunting in Malquery
  • Evolving Threats in the Cloud and What They Mean
  • Analyst Roundtable on Attribution
  • The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Insights into the Conflict and CrowdStrike's Response
  • How Hacker Communities Collapse and Resurrect
  • Creating an Adversary-Driven Defense
  • Managing Digital Risk with Recon+
  • Falcon X Elite: Embracing and Maturing Intelligence
  • Operational Trends in LABYRINTH CHOLLIMA's Cryptocurrency Theft


Log Management & Observability

Explore Humio. Learn how organizations deploy Humio and observability practices that continuously improve UX at speed, and break threat patterns with complete visibility across all of your data. Humio is a faster, more affordable way to ingest data for a range of use cases.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • How observability at scale is key to enabling business revenue opportunities
  • How better monitoring leads to better customer experiences

Log Mgt & Observability Track Sessions

  • Supercharge your Security Operations with Falcon Complete and Humio
  • Humio: Not just another SIEM
  • Securing your CI/CD Pipeline Using Humio Managed Services
  • There Has to Be More: Enhanced Network Logs and Humio
  • Humio and Falcon Data Replicator: Something to Swipe Right About
  • SecOps and DevOps Living Together: Mass Hysteria
  • The Value of Sending EDR Data Directly into Humio
  • Managed Humio - how it's helping solve log management challenges so customers focus on the data's value and not managing the data
  • The Importance of Scale When Ingesting All of Your Security Data


Zero Trust

Accelerate Zero Trust. Zero Trust is the industry response to stopping modern attacks like ransomware and supply chain threats. With the requirement to protect all layers of the IT environment, Zero Trust means protecting the cloud/workload, endpoint and identity layers.

In this track, you'll learn:

  • Industry best practices for planning and deploying Zero Trust
  • How Zero Trust implementations work for different industry verticals and business use cases
  • How Zero Trust can work with a platform approach and existing IT investments

Zero Trust Track Sessions:

  • Unmasked: The Cyber Insurance and Zero Trust Combo
  • Modern Attacks Can't Stop a Trane or a CISO
  • The Zero Trust Stratagem: Aligning Federal Endpoint Modernization
  • Breaking Out the Glue Gun: An Operational Model for Intelligence Driven Zero Trust
  • Device Pillars and You: A ZTA Story
  • Establish a Strong Defense Against Threats by Continuously Enforcing Zero Trust
  • If You Trust the Device and Trust the User, You Have Zero Trust


Identity Protection

Stop Modern Attacks with Identity Protection. A full 80% of modern breaches leverage identity-based attack techniques. The reality is that identity-based attacks are difficult to detect, especially as the attack surface continues to increase for many organizations.

In this track, you will learn:

  • How identity-driven attacks work
  • Proactive and real-time techniques on how to stop them
  • How to apply identity protection to on-premises and cloud environments

Identity Protection Track Sessions:

  • Sharpening the Saw: Endpoint + Identity, Better Together
  • Understanding the True Threats to Identity Against the Modern Threat Actor
  • Your AD Security Is Broken: What You Should Do About It
  • Falcon Identity Azure Workflow
  • Mitigating the Never-Ending NTLM Relay Attacks
  • Identity: The New XDR
  • Identity Protection Powered by Falcon Complete


Security Architecture and Strategy

Accelerate Your Security Transformation. A robust cybersecurity strategy and architecture that aligns with the goals of your organization are built on strong foundation of people, processes and technology and are key for stopping breaches. In this track, your key takeaways will be:

  • Key principles for developing and implementing your cybersecurity strategy
  • Executive and practitioner viewpoints on the current market landscape and designing a secure technology stack that meets your requirements
  • Understanding how the CrowdStrike Falcon platform can help maximize your existing investments
  • Best practices for security architecture to protect your organization

Security Transformation Track Sessions:

  • Keeping an Eye on Your Environment: Secure Your Enterprise Hosts and Sensors
  • Unifying Attack Surface Visibility: Gain a Deep 360-Degree View of Your Managed and Unmanaged Assets
  • SOAR Beyond the Noise: How to Automate Workflows with Falcon Fusion
  • A Whole New Approach: Whole-of-state Cybersecurity
  • Introducing Falcon for OT: Securing Your ICS/OT Environments
  • Leveraging SDKs to Maximize Your CrowdStrike investment
  • Achieve a Flying Start with Multi-Tenancy: Enabling Falcon Flight Control
  • AI Myths and Realities: Navigating Global Regulation to Enhance Your Cybersecurity Program
  • Falcon and U.S. State Law Cybersecurity Requirements
  • A Journey Toward Your NIST Cyber Maturity Targets Using CrowdStrike
  • Orchestration and Automation with the Falcon Platform: A Customer Support Story with Delta Airlines