IT Operations

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IT Operations Skeletons in the IT Closet: Red Team Quick Wins
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 28:00
IT Operations Falcon Platform APIs: How to Connect to, Leverage and Make the Most of It
Christophe Viaud CrowdStrike 22:31
IT Operations Scripting the Falcon OAuth2 APIs with PowerShell: Overview of the PSFalcon Toolkit
Brendan Kremian CrowdStrike 35:37
IT Operations Bridging the Gap: Discovering Vulnerability Trends to Improve Host Security
Hamilton Yang CrowdStrike 29:29
IT Operations Adapting Your IT Hygiene Program for Long-term Working Environment Changes
Anand Visvanathan CrowdStrike 19:12
IT Operations When It Comes to Vulnerability Management: It’s Time to STOP and Reassess
Daniel Kahan CrowdStrike 15:30
IT Operations A Use Case for Containment: How One Company Uses the CrowdStrike API to Prevent Data Loss
John Puett TIAA 21:25
IT Operations Case Study: Covert Deployment of Security Tools with CrowdStrike Real Time Response
Michael Getz Swagelok 32:11