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CrowdStrike offers many resources to help you improve your cybersecurity defenses and inform your strategy: research reports, white papers, products, services and more.

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Crowdstrike and Proofpoint Transforming Security Programs

Size: 2.25mb

CrowdStrike Delivers Protection for Critical Windows Certificate Spoofing Vulnerability

Size: 558kb

CrowdStrike Store

Size: 38.69mb

CrowdStrike Store Data Sheet

Size: 764kb

CrowdStrike-SafeGuard Solutions Brief

Size: 696kb


Size: 2.00mb

Data Sheet- Adversary Emulation Exercise

Size: 1.54mb

Data Sheet- Cloud Security Assessment

Size: 1.76mb

Data Sheet- Compromise Assessment

Size: 1.84mb

Data Sheet- Cybersecurity Enhancement Program

Size: 1.76mb

Data Sheet- Falcon Device Control

Size: 346kb

Data Sheet- Falcon Discover

Size: 142kb

Data Sheet- Falcon Endpoint Protection Premium

Size: 1.35mb

Data Sheet- Falcon Endpoint Protection Pro

Size: 2.29mb

Data Sheet- Falcon Firewall Management

Size: 2.48mb

Data Sheet- Falcon Insight

Size: 883kb