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Bringing Zero Trust To Falcon Endpoints
Janani Nagarajan
Rob Batzloff
  • Multiple Speakers
  • Janani Nagarajan
  • Rob Batzloff
Runtime: 22:44
"For an organization to successfully adopt and implement Zero Trust architecture, a key requirement is constant authenticating and authorizing the identity and security posture of each access request from every endpoint while minimizing access to data, applications and compute resources over networks. One of the most fundamental identity-centric approaches of a Zero Trust framework is in the hands of identity providers who authorize user access via multi-factor authentication and secret keys. This implicitly assumes privileged access, while hiding blind spots that allow authenticated users access to sensitive resources using non-corporate BYOD devices or “managed” devices whose OS is out of date or has misconfigured security policies. Introducing CrowdStrike’s Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA), providing real-time security and compliance checks for user endpoints and enforcing access control beyond simple identity authentication and authorization. Join Rob Batzloff, product management and Janani Nagarajan, product marketing to hear how Falcon ZTA can help you achieve Zero Trust on all endpoints and enforce conditional access based on device health and compliance checks to improve security posture, regardless of users, location and networks.


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