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Demystifying the MSS and China’s Contract Hacking Model
Adam Kozy
Adam Kozy
Runtime: 26:36
This talk aims to unveil the mystery around China's clandestine foreign intelligence agency, the Ministry of State Security (MSS), better equip you with the knowledge of which PANDAs are MSS affiliates and demonstrate how you can protect against such threats in the future. Relatively little is known about the MSS outside of the government space. However, following the reorganization and public outings of the PLA's cyber forces, CrowdStrike has sought to pull back the curtain. Along with the assistance of an anonymous vigilante group known as IntrusionTruth, more information about how the MSS carries out cyber operations via a myriad of contractors and private sector Chinese firms has slowly been made more public. Chief among those discoveries is not only the breadth and scope of MSS operations, but also how deeply entrenched they are in China's burgeoning tech and vulnerability mining industry, dating back to legacy patriotic hacking groups in many cases.

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