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How Does OT Security Evolve from Bolted On to Built In? Bridging the Relationship Gap to Build a Business-aligned OT Security Program
Doug Clifton
Doug Clifton
Runtime: 30:25
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EY clients are faced with an ever-changing landscape of cyber challenges in their OT environments, and while IT has made efforts to reduce this risk, they have the advantage of time and normalized infrastructures. Applying IT cybersecurity solutions to OT can help reduce some of that risk, but it’s not feasible to apply these methods in exactly the same manner. In this session, EY will focus on how to look holistically at how cyber risk affects your business, and will share how to quantitatively create a strategy to reduce risk rather than taking an all or nothing approach. Attend this session to learn how the CrowdStrike Falcon platform can be leveraged in OT to protect assets; how the data collected from Falcon and other toolsets allow us to bridge the gap between cyber risk and business risk; the EY approach to creating a risk operations center (ROC); and how a ROC enhances the OT environment and increases an organization’s ability to create strategy, reduce spend and ultimately reduce cyber risk.

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