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Inside the CrowdStrike/Claroty Joint Solution: A New Approach to ICS Visibility and Threat Detection
Grant Geyer
Nadav Erez
  • Multiple Speakers
  • Grant Geyer
  • Nadav Erez
Runtime: 20:39
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Digital transformation has shifted the security posture of industrial enterprises and critical infrastructure organizations by connecting previously isolated, operational technology (OT) environments with their information technology (IT) counterparts. These conditions have led to converged IT/OT industrial control system (ICS) networks where threats now have pathways across the once-impenetrable IT/OT boundary. TRITON, NotPetya, and EKANS are among the many recent cyber attacks that underscore the resulting risks. Mitigating these risks and their potential impact on ICS networks is increasingly the responsibility of IT security teams. The challenge is, since the OT environments within such networks are incompatible with traditional IT security tools, they are largely invisible to these teams. The result is an incomplete inventory of IT/OT assets and inability to detect the threats and mitigate the risks they face. Join Claroty to learn more about how to overcome this years-old challenge, including how the Claroty and CrowdStrike joint solution can help you better protect your ICS networks.

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