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Tales From the Crypt 2020: Case Studies in Ransomware
Josh Dalman
Ryan McCombs
  • Multiple Speakers
  • Josh Dalman
  • Ryan McCombs
Runtime: 16:12
This talk builds on the talk given last year (Tales From the Crypt). In this talk, two Principal Consultants from the CrowdStrike Services team will discuss the CrowdStrike incident response (IR) process in responding to ransomware incidents. We will discuss how Services works with CrowdStrike teams (Overwatch and Endpoint Recovery Services) to respond to incidents. We'll also talk about the new trends in ransomware including how threat actors gain entry to the victim network, their tactics within the network, and the new trend in 2020 where threat actors are increasingly releasing victim data in a public way in an attempt to extort victims into paying the ransom. Similar to the 2019 talk, we will use recent case studies to discuss ransomware and address how organizations can be prepared to respond to this threat.

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