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The Evolution of Ransomware and the PINCHY SPIDER Actor Group
Steve Ginty
Steve Ginty
Runtime: 25:05
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As the recent Garmin incident shows, ransomware can significantly impact business operations of even the largest companies. As ransomware continues to be top of mind for organizations in an ever-evolving threat landscape, the cost and impact can range from a disruption of your operations to businesses shuttering their doors forever. One of the leaders in the ransomware threat space is a group known as PINCHY SPIDER (REvil/Sodnikibi). This group has quickly evolved to compromise organizations via multiple different methods including the supply chain, enabling their infection, data gathering, encryption of systems and extortion without the victim even having to click on a link or open an attachment. CrowdStrike and RiskIQ will discuss the evolution of both ransomware attacks and the PINCHY SPIDER actor group, providing you with an understanding of the group's current tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and highlighting how organizations can use the combined visibility of both CrowdStrike Intelligence and RiskIQ’s global internet collection to derive new actionable intelligence and better defend your organization.

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