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CrowdStrike On Demand

Exclusive Content

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Fal.Con 2020 General Session

Fal.Con 2020 General Session

Various Speakers

CrowdStrike On Demand George Kurtz Keynote
George Kurtz CrowdStrike
CrowdStrike On Demand Customer Spotlight: The City of New York
Multiple Speakers City of New York 5:51
CrowdStrike On Demand CrowdStrike Falcon Platform Tour
Mike Sentonas CrowdStrike 8:47
CrowdStrike On Demand Icon Interview: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes F1 Racer
Multiple Speakers Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team 8:56
CrowdStrike On Demand CrowdStrike New Release Announcement
Amol Kulkarni CrowdStrike 22:36
CrowdStrike On Demand CEO Power Panel
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 20:32
CrowdStrike On Demand CrowdStrike Adversary Update
Adam Meyers CrowdStrike 10:01
CrowdStrike On Demand Election Protection Roundtable
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 26:01

Executive Experience

Exclusive Content

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Executive Experience

Executive Experience

Various Speakers

CrowdStrike On Demand Panel Discussion: Mercedes-AMG & CrowdStrike: “Perfecting the Pivot: Building a Winning Culture in Challenging Times
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 27:25
Executive Experience State of Security Panel: How Amazon and Ernst & Young Leverage Innovation to Make Informed Decisions
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 24:40
Executive Experience Executive Intelligence Briefing: State of Cybersecurity
Adam Meyers CrowdStrike 17:51
CrowdStrike On Demand Fal.Con 2020 Philanthropic Initiative
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 13:11
Executive Experience Getting Ahead of the CMMC Tsunami: Overview, Best Practices & Lessons Learned
Andy Woods ECS 18:41

Cloud, Container & Data Center Security

Learning Sessions

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Cloud, Container & Data Center Security See More, Know More, Do More with Cloud Security Posture Management
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 20:55
Cloud, Container & Data Center Security Cracking Perimeters in an Evolving Landscape: A Red Team’s Perspective
Mike Felch CrowdStrike 32:36
Cloud, Container & Data Center Security Securing Cloud Workloads
Vineet Kumar CrowdStrike 27:37
Cloud, Container & Data Center Security Ransom in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Spencer Gietzen CrowdStrike 26:23
Cloud, Container & Data Center Security Securing Containers
Vineet Kumar CrowdStrike 25:07
Cloud, Container & Data Center Security Building Security Best Practices with AWS and CrowdStrike
Sameer Kumar Vasanthapuram Amazon Web Services 22:42

IT Operations

Learning Sessions

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IT Operations Adapting Your IT Hygiene Program for Long-term Working Environment Changes
Anand Visvanathan CrowdStrike 19:12
IT Operations When It Comes to Vulnerability Management: It’s Time to STOP and Reassess
Daniel Kahan CrowdStrike 15:30
IT Operations A Use Case for Containment: How One Company Uses the CrowdStrike API to Prevent Data Loss
John Puett TIAA 21:25
IT Operations Bridging the Gap: Discovering Vulnerability Trends to Improve Host Security
Hamilton Yang CrowdStrike 29:29
IT Operations Skeletons in the IT Closet: Red Team Quick Wins
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 28:00
IT Operations Scripting the Falcon OAuth2 APIs with PowerShell: Overview of the PSFalcon Toolkit
Brendan Kremian CrowdStrike 35:37
IT Operations Case Study: Covert Deployment of Security Tools with CrowdStrike Real Time Response
Michael Getz Swagelok 32:11
IT Operations Falcon Platform APIs: How to Connect to, Leverage and Make the Most of It
Christophe Viaud CrowdStrike 22:31

Research & Threat Intelligence

Learning Sessions

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Research & Threat Intelligence REvil: A Prolific Ransomware as a Service
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike Inc. 27:27
Research & Threat Intelligence Demystifying the MSS and China’s Contract Hacking Model
Adam Kozy CrowdStrike 26:36
Research & Threat Intelligence Why MITRE ATT&CK Doesn’t Work Like Bingo
Joel Spurlock CrowdStrike 21:30
Research & Threat Intelligence Prosecuting Cyber Espionage: Insights and Impacts from Cyber Espionage Indictments
Matthew Dahl CrowdStrike 27:32
Research & Threat Intelligence Machine Learning for Threat Intelligence: Applying K-Means Clustering to Dharma and Phobos Ransomware Incidents
Eric Loui CrowdStrike 27:26
Research & Threat Intelligence Priority Intelligence Requirements: Your Key to Working Smarter with More Impact
Thomas Schmitt AB-InBev 38:41

Security Strategy, Architecture & Operations

Learning Sessions

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Security Strategy, Architecture & Operations Taming the Falcon: A Guide to the New Features You Might Have Missed​
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 29:54
Security Strategy, Architecture & Operations Falcon and the MITRE ATT&CK Framework: Better Together​
James Antonakos CrowdStrike 19:09
Security Strategy, Architecture & Operations Frictionless Zero Trust
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 18:01
Security Strategy, Architecture & Operations The CrowdStrike Store: Simplifying Security Through an Ecosystem
Andy Horwitz CrowdStrike 22:02
Security Strategy, Architecture & Operations Making It Stick: Introducing Cybersecurity Risk Management Into Your Organization
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 22:45
Security Strategy, Architecture & Operations Phishing Emails and Web Exploits: Detection Walkthrough
Kelly Lehman CrowdStrike 26:23
Security Strategy, Architecture & Operations Risky Business: Managing Cyber Risk Up and Down an Enterprise
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 20:49
Security Strategy, Architecture & Operations Tigers and Bears and Mergers — Oh My!
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 20:21

Threat Hunting & Incident Response

Learning Sessions

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Threat Hunting & Incident Response OverWatch in Action: Demystifying the Threat Hunting Process
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 24:26
Threat Hunting & Incident Response Better Know an Adversary, or 10 Things You Should Hate in Your Network
Jim Miller Miller CrowdStrike 25:35
Threat Hunting & Incident Response A Dharma Initiative: How OverWatch Threat Hunting Uncovered a Widespread Targeted Ransomware Affiliate Network
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 22:40
Threat Hunting & Incident Response Uptown Splunk: Get Funky With Falcon Data
Andrew Munchbach CrowdStrike 24:59
Threat Hunting & Incident Response Tales From the Crypt 2020: Case Studies in Ransomware
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 16:12
Threat Hunting & Incident Response Drinking from the Tap: Network Security Monitoring
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 23:54
Threat Hunting & Incident Response Avoid the Breach, Save the Weekend: Lessons Learned with CrowdStrike Services
Tim Parisi CrowdStrike 19:25
Threat Hunting & Incident Response Elevate Your Game: Creating Tabletop Exercises that Actually Improve Your Team
Multiple Speakers CrowdStrike 27:44