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Streamline your security operations

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform is the leading cloud-delivered endpoint protection capability with no on-premises equipment to be maintained, managed or updated.


Get full attack visibility with antivirus protection, firewall management, device control and more, all on a single lightweight sensor protecting your endpoints even when they’re offline.

Protection that

CrowdStrike uses cloud-based, machine learning technology to analyze over 40 billion events daily and continuously evolve protection strategies. Become a member of the “crowd” and get herd immunity from modern cyber threats.

What to expect during your trial

You’ll have 15 days to try CrowdStrike Falcon® free. Complete these three steps to get your trial started the right way.

  • Install the sensor
    The first and most important step of the trial. Once the sensor is installed, your systems are officially protected. There’s no need to reinstall the sensor as long as your account is active.
  • View detections
    You can view sample detections to explore what it looks like when CrowdStrike protects your environment. There are three sample detections included in the trial.
  • Test additional modules
    Your trial includes the Falcon Prevent, Falcon Intelligence, Falcon Device Control, and Firewall Management modules enabled with the ability to test additional modules at no cost.

What comes with the trial?

These modules are automatically included in the CrowdStrike Falcon® trial.

Next-Gen Antivirus

Falcon Prevent provides proactive, continuous antivirus (AV) protection from known and unknown malware, and even evaluates trusted areas in your environment. It helps you confidently replace your legacy AV solution.

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Device Control

Gives you visibility and granular control to limit risks associated with any device that’s connected to your endpoints like USBs, cameras and printers.

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Firewall Management

Helps you easily administrate, provide security controls, and update your firewall regardless of VPN status or network configuration on the host.

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Threat Intelligence

CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence delivers real-time context into what attackers are attempting in your environment and provides the information needed to stop them before they have a chance to attack.

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Start your 15-day free trial

Get superior protection from cyber attacks and immediate threat response capabilities — deployed in minutes.

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Start your 15-day free trial

Get superior protection from cyber attacks and immediate threat response capabilities — deployed in minutes.

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