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Falcon MalQuery

A revolutionary malware search engine for security operations centers, threat researchers and cyber threat intelligence professionals.

CrowdStrike Falcon MalQuery

Get ahead of the adversary with real-time malware search that delivers:


Conduct malware research 250 times faster than previous solutions


Search the most complete binary index in the industry and get results enriched by threat intelligence


Better research and analysis empowers you to build better protection rules

Bring the benefits of real-time malware search to your Security Operations Center

"CrowdStrike is providing an innovative resource that incident responders can use to thoroughly investigate and determine the full extent of potential threats. This comprehensive threat search tool addresses a significant market gap frequently hampering the ability of security teams from rapidly providing adequate protection against emerging threats and targeted attacks. The introduction of the Falcon Search Engine eliminates the blind spots and gives defenders the agility and accuracy required to create well-formed protection rules."

Robert Westervelt
Research Manager, IDC


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