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Accelerate Incident Response and Investigations

Why It's Important:

Without context, it’s virtually impossible for an incident responder to effectively react to incidents and conduct accurate investigations.

An essential aspect of that context is a full understanding of an adversary’s motivations, tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) so that you can respond quickly, accurately, and with precision to protect the assets that are being targeted.

It’s a race against time. The faster you can get in front of an adversary — by anticipating which assets are being targeted and why — the less impact their attempted attacks will have.

What's Needed:

As a pioneer in adversary analysis, CrowdStrike’s Falcon Intelligence offers an in-depth and historical understanding of adversaries, their TTPs and campaigns, and their motivations.

As a result, Falcon Intelligence provides the comprehensive context you need to mount an effective defense. Specifically, it delivers the strategic, operational, and tactical insight to stop breaches and maximize the effectiveness of your existing security infrastructure.

How It Works:

Falcon Intelligence reliance on "all-source" methodology examines all aspects of an adversary's profile — their motivations, intentions,and TTPs — to fully understand what they're doing, why they're doing it, and how to stop them.

There are many attributes to an adversary, and many sources that can contribute to building the overall picture of who you may be facing down in cyberspace.

Our global team is organized based on this "all-source" methodology. Teams specialized in monitoring and analyzing the cultural, geopolitical and psychological variables of adversary activity collaborate and share insights with our technical analysis and operations analysts resulting in the highest quality threat intelligence available. Examining all aspects of an adversary - from all available sources - provides the full picture perspective that our customers rely on to stop breaches.

As a Falcon Intelligence subscriber, you’ll have access to an accurate, in-depth and always current understanding of which adversaries are likely to target you and why, how they’ll make these attempts, and what you can do to protect your assets against these attacks. By delivering this guidance in reports, alerts, and via APIs, Falcon Intelligence enables you to automatically update your entire infrastructure – without manually reconfiguring rules, blacklists and whitelists.


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