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Empower Executive Decision Making and Corporate Due Diligence

Why It's Important:

Executive decision making comes down to effective risk management: identifying and weighing the risk-reward equation for each business outcome, and then selecting the one that offers the greatest certainty for the highest reward.

This means you need to take calculated risks, informed by reliable threat intelligence. Based on a recent survey, more than 80% of the CEOs who responded said that cybersecurity was discussed at most or all board meetings.

What's Needed:

Unfortunately, many CEOs and boards of directors lack strategic and operational insight into whether their current security strategy is truly working.

When it comes to those tough conversations with board members, senior management teams need an experienced and trusted threat intelligence provider who can deliver high-fidelity information and answers and provide the necessary business context.

An executive’s cybersecurity concerns can range from the strategic to the tactical. For example, a decision to open up a new office in a high-risk geographical region will benefit from a cybersecurity assessment before proceeding to make an investment in new facilities and recruiting new employees. Additionally, an attack on an organization using targeted malware or spear phishing may benefit from closer examination to determine attribution and inform an appropriate response.

Falcon Intelligence subscribers receive this level of strategic and tactical guidance through:
  • Quarterly Intelligence Briefings – Attend monthly live webinars to gain insight into the latest adversaries and their TTPs for better decision-making, in-depth cyber security guidance and improved cyber security strategy and planning.
  • Intelligence Reports - Analysis of 70-plus threat actors and their associated campaigns via tactical alerts, and strategic and periodic intelligence wrap-ups. We examine these adversaries from every angle: including geo-political, cultural, socioeconomic, operational and technical perspectives.
  • Support for Requests for Information (RFIs) - customized strategic intelligence briefings and direct guidance from experienced cybersecurity researchers
  • APIs and Rules - automated integration of adversary/actor profiles, indicators and rules for automated defense (across NGFWs, SIEMs, IT-GRC, IDSes, etc.)
  • Tailored Intelligence - customized alerts based on keywords discovered in forums, paste sites, and more

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