Falcon Complete:
Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Falcon Complete stops breaches on endpoints, workloads, and identities, with expert management, threat hunting, monitoring and remediation, and is backed by CrowdStrike’s Breach Prevention Warranty.
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CrowdStrike named
a Leader

IDC MarketScape: US MDR Services 2021 Vendor Assessment
Recognized by industry experts as a Leader In managed detection and response.

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Why Choose Falcon Complete for Managed Endpoint, Workload, and Identity Protection?

  • Immediate Value and Seamless Extension of Your Team

    Immediate Value and Seamless Extension of Your Team

    Cybersecurity is not just a technology problem, it also requires around-the-clock expertise.

    Falcon Complete brings you focused expertise to stop threats through continuous vigilance.


  • Rapid Response and Surgical Remediation

    Rapid Response and Surgical Remediation

    Adversaries often inflict damage in hours, but it can take days for organizations to respond.

    Falcon Complete surgically eliminates threats across endpoints, cloud workloads and identities..

    DETECT: <1 min
    INVESTIGATE: <10 min
    RESPOND: <60 min

  • Reduce Risk and Unlock Enormous Cost Savings

    Reduce Risk and Unlock Enormous Cost Savings

    Defending against today’s threats is a continuous challenge. Security teams must always wonder, “Am I doing enough?”.

    Falcon Complete delivers predictable results at a fraction of the cost.

    403% ROI

Falcon Complete Features

People, Process and Technology Are All Key to Stopping Breaches

Layers of expertise

Layers of expertise

The Falcon Complete team is composed of seasoned security professionals with experience in incident handling, incident response, forensics, SOC analysis, identity protection and IT administration. The team has a global footprint, allowing true 24/7 coverage.

  • Experts in the CrowdStrike Falcon platform: The Falcon Complete team holds CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder (CCFR) and CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Administrator (CCFA) certifications.
  • Experts in incident response: The Falcon Complete team has years of experience in digital forensics and incident response (DFIR).
  • Experts in threat hunting: The Falcon OverWatch team hunts and addresses undetected, sophisticated threats 24/7.
  • Experts in threat intelligence: Falcon Complete is powered by the CrowdStrike global threat intelligence team, bringing critical context to the response process.

See how the Falcon Complete team responds to threats

Powered by the Falcon Platform

Powered by the Falcon Platform

CrowdStrike pioneered a new approach to endpoint protection, designed and built to overcome the limitations of legacy security solutions. The Falcon platform delivers the foundation for true next-generation endpoint protection.

  • 100% cloud-native. The Falcon platform delivers immediate time-to-value — no hardware, additional software or configuration is required, which drives down cost and complexity.
  • CrowdStrike Security Cloud. The CrowdStrike Security Cloud® is the brains behind the Falcon platform, providing complete real-time visibility and insight into everything happening on your endpoints throughout your environment.
  • Single lightweight agent. The intelligent, lightweight Falcon agent, unlike any other, blocks attacks while capturing and recording endpoint activity as it happens to detect threats fast.
  • Protection for endpoints, cloud workloads and identities. Enables frictionless endpoint, cloud workload and identity security, delivering real-time threat prevention and IT policy enforcement using identity, behavioral and risk analytics.

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Proactive management and optimization

Proactive management and optimization

CrowdStrike experts ensure your environment is continuously optimized to combat the latest threats, achieving the best levels of performance and protection from your Falcon platform investment and ensuring confidence that your endpoint, cloud workload and identity protection are always under complete control.

  • Comprehensive control of unmanaged systems. Falcon Complete helps customers ensure all assets are properly grouped, sorted and protected.
  • Tight control over the Falcon agent. Falcon Complete ensures that the current Falcon agent is installed, delivering the best level of protection available.
  • Rigorous configuration management. Falcon Complete systematically applies proven, best-practice policies to endpoints and cloud workloads.

Is Falcon Complete right for you?

Continuous human threat hunting

Continuous human threat hunting

Falcon Complete includes 24/7 monitoring by the Falcon OverWatch team, CrowdStrike’s human threat detection engine that hunts relentlessly to see and stop the most sophisticated hidden threats.

  • The SEARCH methodology. Falcon OverWatch analysts leverage their proprietary SEARCH methodology — Sense, Enrich, Analyze, Reconstruct, Communicate and Hone — to shine a light into the darkest corners — leaving adversaries with nowhere to hide.
  • Cloud-scale data. Scalable and effective threat hunting requires access to vast amounts of data and the ability to mine that data in real time for signs of intrusions. CrowdStrike’s rich telemetry creates the foundation for Falcon OverWatch threat hunting.
  • Years of combined diverse expertise. Falcon OverWatch employs elite experts from a wide range of backgrounds, including government, law enforcement, commercial enterprise, the intelligence community and defense.

Learn more about Falcon OverWatch

24/7 monitoring and response

24/7 monitoring and response

The Falcon Complete team monitors your Falcon platform 24 hours a day, seven days a week, investigating every security alert with the goal of identifying potential intrusions at their very earliest stages.

  • 24 hours/day active monitoring. Falcon Complete is always watching, ensuring that emerging threats are addressed in real time, as they happen.
  • Human eyes on detections. Falcon Complete investigates the full spectrum of detections in a timely manner, ensuring that intrusions are identified at the earliest possible stage.
  • <10 minutes: Average time to begin response. Falcon Complete builds and continuously tunes a repeatable playbook to ensure all threats are investigated quickly and efficiently.

See the difference 24/7 monitoring can make.

Surgical remediation

Surgical remediation

When an intrusion is identified, the Falcon Complete team acts quickly and decisively, remotely accessing the affected system using native Falcon platform capabilities to surgically remove persistence mechanisms, stop active processes, block abuse of compromised accounts and clear other latent artifacts. Falcon Complete restores systems to their pre-intrusion state without the burden and disruption of reimaging systems.

  • Surgical remediation in under 60 minutes. Falcon Complete executes surgical remediation remotely, eliminating the cost and burden of reimaging.
  • Greatly reduced impact for the end user. Falcon Complete can often perform remediation without the user being aware that it has happened.

Read real-world remediation case studies

Transparent and secure collaboration

Transparent and secure collaboration

Falcon Complete delivers simple, transparent visibility and collaboration with CrowdStrike’s analysts ensuring you always have the information you need to make fast and effective decisions.

  • Message center: Provides secure bi-directional communication about emerging incidents as well as ad-hoc questions directly within the Falcon console. Keeping communications close to the Falcon data provides maximum efficiency, ensuring that the full context associated with emerging threats is never more than a click away.
  • Executive dashboards: Gain at-a-glance visibility into the day-to-day activity that Falcon Complete performs, including trends and actionable insights.
  • Message analyst: Fast access to CrowdStrike experts is embedded throughout the Falcon console. This helps analysts to more quickly understand threats, and get fast answers to their cybersecurity questions.

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Breach prevention warranty

Breach prevention warranty

CrowdStrike stands strongly behind its breach protection capabilities. Falcon Complete comes with a Breach Prevention Warranty* to cover costs should a breach occur within the protected environment.
*The breach prevention warranty is not available in all regions.

Breach prevention warranty FAQ

Components of Falcon Complete

Components of Falcon Complete

Struggling to protect cloud workloads?

Struggling to protect cloud workloads?

Falcon Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) Complete provides managed protection for workloads and containers, enabling you to build, run, and secure applications with speed and confidence.

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Falcon Complete vs. Other MDR

The Falcon Complete Difference

  • Falcon Complete MDR

    Falcon Complete MDR

    Falcon Complete stops breaches with our balanced combination of technology, expertise, and discipline, backed with our industry-leading Breach Prevention Warranty.

  • Other MDR

    Other MDR

    Competing solutions monitor and provide guidance as a “best effort”, but the responsibility and work to manage and respond to threats remains with your team.

Falcon Complete MDR
Other MDR
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Tested and proven leader

CrowdStrike is proud to be recognized a leader by industry analyst and independent testing organizations.

  • Named a Leader

    Forrester has named CrowdStrike Falcon Complete™ MDR service as a “Leader” in the Forrester Wave for Managed Detection and Response.

    Read the report

  • Named a Leader

    CrowdStrike was named a “Leader” in the IDC MarketScape for MDR 2021 vendor assessment. CrowdStrike’s customers gave Falcon Complete a top rating of “beyond 5” for customer support. Learn more by downloading the excerpt.

    Read the report

  • “The gold standard.”

    “CrowdStrike is the gold standard in MDR, fantastic detection and response service offering.” — Cybersecurity Consultant, Firm Size $1B-$3B
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