CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale

Infrastructure Savings Estimator

Cut your log management costs up to 80%

CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale offers modern log management and observability at the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership. Enter your data below to see how Falcon LogScale stacks up against Splunk and ELK for infrastructure and storage savings.

Total estimated savings in U.S. dollars over 3 years

The displayed infrastructure savings assume the use of a self-hosted environment and don’t include operational or license costs.

Compare and save

Average daily ingest

The average daily amount of uncompressed data to be ingested.
Compression 15%
Once data comes into the Falcon LogScale platform it is compressed in order to reduce the amount of storage required. The compressed data is typically 15% of the size of incoming data.

Data retention and replication

The number of days data will be accessed regularly and therefore should be stored on the fastest disk.
The number of days data will be stored when it is no longer accessed regularly.
The number of copies of the data to be stored across the cluster.
* Replication factor will never exceed the current number of nodes.
Object storage takes each piece of data and designates it as an object.

Multi-year forecast options

36 months
The number of months for which want to estimate your cost savings.
How much your data ingest will increase over the time period indicated above.

Monthly forecast

First month infrastructure spend

Required operating system: A modern Linux OS such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, or CentOS

Multi-year forecast

Displayed in months

  • LogScale
  • Splunk
  • ELK

* This Infrastructure Savings Estimator tool is made available for informational purposes only, and CrowdStrike makes no warranties or representations regarding the output or results of such tool, your specific implementation or use of Falcon LogScale products and services, or the third-party products and services referenced in the tool. The information displayed in the tool is based on assumptions, such as but not limited to your environment, pricing published by cloud service providers, and related service levels. More detailed information regarding cost estimates is available from CrowdStrike based on an analysis of your specific business requirements.