Cybersecurity for state and local government agencies

Secure your agency with a cost-effective endpoint solution that provides unrivaled protection and optimal scalability.

Serving and securing state and local government

Maximize Budgets

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform ensures robust protection while making efficient use of scarce budgets.

Increase Visibility and Control

Identify and protect your entire environment, identities and workforce, whether remote, on-premises, mobile, in the cloud, on a server, in a container, and from any location.

Solve for Staffing Challenges

CrowdStrike is a force multiplier with complete managed identity and endpoint protection, managed threat hunting and professional services to extend your security team 24/7.

Stop Breaches and Hunt Threats

The CrowdStrike Security Cloud, powered by CrowdStrike Threat Graph®, is one of the world’s largest unified, threat-centric data fabrics, powering the next generation of protection and elite threat hunting to stop breaches.

Stay Ahead of the Adversary

CrowdStrike enhances protections as the adversary advances their techniques, and is your best partner to help you stop breaches.

Update Legacy Systems and Solutions

As state and local governments streamline services, it is essential to update systems and embrace cloud-native solutions that leverage modern security protections to protect against emerging threats.

State and local government agencies trust CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike Falcon® is used by 80% of states, 46% of the largest 50 cities and 54% of the largest 50 counties. CrowdStrike’s mission is simple: Keep customers safe from breaches. CrowdStrike customers are proud to tell their stories of how the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform meets their security challenges of today and allows them to defend against the adversaries of tomorrow.

State of Oklahoma

"Security is more important in the public sector because the scope and scale of what we do for citizens make us a high-profile target. The situation is further complicated by the volume of attacks and the size of our attack surface; every user, citizen and household is a potential entry point." — Jerry Moore, CIO, State of Oklahoma

City of Las Vegas

"CrowdStrike found the issue, mobilized immediately and got us back to a point where we had no data loss, no major issues and were able to continue normal operations in 24 hours." — Michael Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas

City of New York

“When I think about NYC and its mission to build the most cyber-resilient city in the world, we can’t do that by ourselves, we just can’t. We won’t be successful.” — Geoffrey Brown, New York City’s CISO and Head of NYC Cyber Command

Whole-of-state cybersecurity with CrowdStrike

Today’s adversaries are getting faster and more complex. But adopting a whole-of-state approach can solve resource constraints while enabling an agile, more collaborative cyber defense. Learn how CrowdStrike provides complete security for state and local government and education.

Falcon on GovCloud

CrowdStrike partners with AWS to deliver a wide range of next-generation endpoint protection capabilities via GovCloud:

  • Rapid deployment for unrivaled time-to-value with no on-premises infrastructure or reboot required
  • Increased cloud security that is FedRAMP-authorized
  • Integrated threat intelligence: We monitor trillions of cyber events including over 187 million indicators of compromise (IOCs) with automated threat actor attribution enabling predictive defense
  • Operated and managed by U.S. personnel — for more details about GovCloud, please see the AWS GovCloud FAQ
  • Zero burden — Falcon Complete™, CrowdStrike’s managed detection and response service, handles all aspects of endpoint protection, freeing your staff to focus on your own mission
Falcon gov cloud data sheet

Identity protection

Build a comprehensive identity security solution and accelerate your Zero Trust journey with CrowdStrike.

  • Stop modern attacks like ransomware or supply chain attacks and detect attack tools (e.g., Mimikatz)
  • Improve the visibility of credentials in a hybrid environment (including identities, privileged users and service accounts)
  • Enhance lateral movement detection and defense
  • Extend multifactor authentication to legacy and unmanaged systems
  • Strengthen the security of privileged users (e.g., privilege escalation, account takeover)
  • Protect the identity store from protocol attacks (e.g., NTLM) and takeover (e.g., Pass-the-Hash, Golden Ticket)
Protection image

The new standard for workload protection

  • Single lightweight agent with nominal performance impact and no reboot required upon installation, and delivered via a native-cloud SaaS architecture
  • 24/7 continuous threat hunting with CrowdStrike Falcon® OverWatch™
  • Industry-leading machine learning that stops the most sophisticated malware and nation-state attacks
  • Integrated intelligence that correlates indicators of compromise (IOCs) and indicators of attack (IOAs) with adversaries targeting state and local government verticals
  • Open API library that allows for context-rich integration into SIEM, SOAR and other third-party tools
  • Falcon Complete experts who handle management, monitoring and responding to threats, 24/7, freeing your team to focus on your strategic priorities
Workload protection graphic

Supporting compliance requirements

CrowdStrike recognizes that compliance and certification frameworks are critical to the public sector. CrowdStrike can help support your compliance programs and provide your organization with peace of mind.

National Security Agency CIRA

Learn more

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)

Learn more


The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform is flexible and extensible with endpoint security modules designed to protect against today’s sophisticated threats.


CrowdStrike has the incident response expertise and resources to help you prepare, prevent and respond to attacks.

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