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Falcon Deployment


Key Benefits

  • Increased security
  • Increased visibility
  • Protection across the full scope of the cyber threat kill chain
  • Visibility of remote workers
  • Better control of changes to applications

Services Used

  • Falcon
  • Falcon Overwatch
  • Falcon Intelligence – Premium
  • CrowdStrike Services

Why CrowdStrike

  • Better efficacy
  • Scale: The ability to quickly deploy without disruption and, given their size, to provide realtime visibility and results
  • Confidence in the capability of the technology and people


This airline operates a comprehensive global route network. The customer was concerned about ongoing intrusion efforts targeting their environment. They turned to Falcon to replace their existing endpoint solution and provide greater prevention and visibility capabilities. Furthermore, they wanted to bolster their ongoing proactive hunting capabilities with the addition of Falcon Overwatch. The volume of attacks focused on the airline sector also produced a need for high-grade intelligence reports and feeds to help them continuously manage and adapt their security posture.

The Challenge

The customer had focused on and invested heavily in network protection, however they were concerned that they had limited visibility into what was happening on their endpoints. While they had invested an enormous amount of time, effort and money in security technology and people, they still felt that they might be vulnerable. In particular, they did not have a full view across the kill chain, nor the in-depth information they needed to protect their endpoints and environment. They wanted to get a far better handle on the adversaries that they were facing, to allow them to drive their security strategy and tactics more effectively. It was also clear that the current endpoint protection tools they relied on were failing to prevent and detect the sophisticated attacks being directed against them.

The Solution

The customer deployed Falcon to replace their existing endpoint protection supplier. The deployment was both fast and efficient. The customer has a large number of remote users and was impressed with the ability of Falcon to provide protection and visibility of these endpoints, both on or off the corporate network. They were immediately impressed with the detection capability of Falcon, as well as the enhanced level of information and detail regarding the state of their environment.

The customer implemented Falcon Intelligence to give them ongoing visibility into the threat landscape and to drive risk management and mitigation efforts.

The Results

With Falcon now deployed on all its endpoints and servers, the airline is now better protected against the escalating volume and sophistication of targeted threats and malware. Falcon Overwatch has provided tremendous value and reassurance, providing proactive threat “hunting” capabilities to research anomalous and suspicious behaviors captured by Falcon. The customer now has the continuous monitoring and recording of all activity on endpoints and servers that they were looking for, improving the operational ability of their SOC.

The company has even begun encouraging its large network of suppliers, contractors and affiliates to implement Falcon as well, providing an additional means of securing their operations from adversary activity.


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