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Falcon Host Deployment


Key Benefits

  • A single sensor that has no impact on endpoint performance
  • No hardware, making deployment easier and more cost-effective
  • Proven efficacy, demonstrating the maturity and performance of Falcon Host in comparison to other products
  • Falcon Overwatch, providing alerting and reassurance that backs up their belief that to defeat humans, you need humans

Services Used

  • Falcon Host
  • Falcon Overwatch
  • Falcon DNS
  • Falcon Intelligence


This Fortune 500 company is a leading provider of advanced technologies and components found in data centers, mobile devices and other electronics. The process of evaluating vulnerabilities led them to refocus and re-evaluate how they were protecting their endpoints. They had an existing supplier for network-level security and were considering using the vendor for endpoint protection as well, but they were concerned about the cost and complexity of the solution. After evaluating a wide selection of endpoint solutions, they decided to implement Falcon Host.

They were impressed with the efficacy of CrowdStrike Falcon in comparison to other solutions. Given the finite security opera-tions resources they had, they benefited from the balance that Falcon Host provided with respect to complete and holistic visibility, but without the downside of “alert-fatigue.” Furthermore, Falcon Overwatch showed to them the value of having a managed hunting team to proactively search for suspicious activity in their environment and act as an additional layer of defense.

The Challenge

The customer had focused on and invested in bolstering their defenses at the network level. However, they still found themselves vulnerable to ongoing intrusion activity and concerned about threats they might be “blind to.” They instinctively knew they needed better protection on the endpoint and that their AV was not doing enough. They wanted a better strategy and capability for endpoint protection.

They evaluated a number of endpoint security suppliers, and were disappointed in the weak performance of many of the endpoint security solutions they tested. They became increasingly convinced that they needed better efficacy against commodity attacks and proven abilities to ward off more sophisticated attacks. The also wanted to ensure that they would not have to install multiple agents and that endpoint performance and user experience would not be impacted. The customer was also convinced that they needed to augment their human security resources and expertise in order to protect themselves against determined and skilled attackers targeting their environment.

The Solution

In addition to deploying Falcon Host, they also implemented Falcon Overwatch to provide the 24/7 proactive hunting capability that their own internal resources were struggling to sustain. They also enhanced their security posture by adding detailed threat information with a Falcon Intelligence subscription.

The Results

The customer was able to deploy Falcon Host swiftly across its environment, gaining immediate endpoint visibility and control with unprecedented speed and ease. Given its limited inhouse security operations, the company benefits significantly from the quality of alerting they get from Falcon Host, as opposed to being overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of alerts generated by their previous security products. Falcon Overwatch has proven itself particularly valuable by prioritizing and analyzing suspicious activity and proactively alerting the customer when malicious activity is detected. Drawing upon decades of experience to research anomalous and suspicious behaviors captured by Falcon Host, Overwatch’s fast, round-the-clock response frequently alerts them to new and developing threats in their environment, and provides guidance for quickly mitigating those threats using the Falcon Host platform.


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