Why Zebra Technologies Uses CrowdStrike Endpoint Security


“By putting all the computing power it normally takes to analyze security data up into the cloud, CrowdStrike can correlate data across multiple clients to discover emerging threats and build protections against them almost instantly. That’s huge for us. Falcon’s ability to harness the power of the crowd and of the cloud to protect organizations is tremendous.”

Erik Hart
Chief Information Security Officer
Zebra Technologies

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Zebra Technologies and CrowdStrike: Keeping Customer Data Secure in the Cloud

Zebra is doing business with about 95% of the Fortune 500, really helping connect their operations and getting more visibility into the operations of an organization. With Zebra’s solutions in the software, hardware, analytics, and services business, we are really bringing that visibility that’s visionary to the business.

When we track an asset or a package in a m that’s just the first step of that solution. The real second step and where that comes into play for us is how all that data comes back, how do we transmit that securely to the various participants, how do we make sure we keep all that data secure.

In the past, a lot of security has been built around the network. So if I build the fortress walls around our organization, we’ll have everything protected. If we keep everything within that sphere and within those walls, everything will be protected. But with cloud computing, with mobile computing, with workforces that are moving out of buildings into their homes, into other places, we really need to take the fight to the compute assets that we give them, and that’s what we’ve done is we’ve started to put agents and software onto the computers in order to monitor them and then give them the freedom to go wherever they need to go to do the business.

CrowdStrike has really helped us with that. That small, lightweight agent can be placed almost on any asset anywhere and give us that visibility back, so I don’t have to limit any of our teams to say well you can only use these types of things and this type of solution. It goes out over these very simple things, and it allows them the flexibility to try different things in the cloud versus maybe some limitations that we had with previous security solutions.

The end of the day, if we look at the ransomware attacks that happened over the past number of months, we had zero rate of infection. For example, when WannaCry first hit, we were able to have people in both India as well as the US, be able to watch over 9,000 compute assets that we have. For us, it gave us a single pane of glass and visibility into something that was having a dramatic effect on a number of different companies throughout the world.

There’s a lot of visibility that CrowdStrike offers that you do not see in other tools. And I think that is tremendous for us, as you get into that power and leverage of utilizing the crowd and the cloud in order to protect your organization. You don’t have days or weeks or months sometimes to apply patches or do things. You have the matter of minutes or hours and CrowdStrike helps with that because all of that data that they see helps build in those protections or helps build that visibility for us to get that data back if we need to respond accordingly.

We’ve really made CrowdStrike the centerpiece of our security protection strategy. By doing that, it’s enabled us to be very responsive to a lot of threats that come out every day. We can enable that mobile workforce while still protecting Zebra’s assets and information.


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