International Republican Institute

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When most people think of organizations at risk from major cyber security attacks they usually cite events affecting retailers, banks and financial institutions, and a handful of other industries. But cyber threats facing the commercial sector are equally risky to international nonprofit organizations. In fact, while these organizations don’t always contain petabytes of personally identifiable information, or potential access to billions of dollars of revenue from stolen credit card data, they are frequently targeted by global adversaries looking for specific information, such as intelligence about U.S. foreign policy, through secondary channels.

This is the situation that the International Republican Institute (IRI) is faced with as it promotes and sustains democracy around the world. Not only does the organization confront cyber attacks from politically motivated adversaries looking to disrupt its field operations, but its headquarters in Washington, D.C. are considered high-value targets by adversaries looking to gain insight into U.S. foreign policy strategy and other valuable national intelligence from data housed within the IRI’s system.

Concerned with intensified threats against their operations both at home and in the field, IRI understood that they needed an industry-leading partner with a comprehensive understanding of advanced global adversary groups to best defend their systems and data against cyber attack.


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