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Battling Unknown Malware with Machine Learning

Learn about the first signature-less engine to be integrated into VirusTotal

CrowdStrike recently made headlines by announcing that it is the first machine learning-based engine to be integrated into VirusTotal. VirusTotal is the premier nexus where all reputable AV vendors transparently publicize their detection results and share malware data for the greater good. The addition of CrowdStrike’s advanced machine learning engine to this anti-malware industry staple is a major leap forward for users who rely on VirusTotal capabilities to help defend their endpoints.

In this live CrowdCast, CrowdStrike’s Chief Scientist Dr. Sven Krasser offers an exclusive look “under the hood” of this unique machine learning engine, revealing how it works, how it differs from all other signature-based engines integrated into VirusTotal to date, and how it fits into the larger ecosystem of techniques used by CrowdStrike Falcon to keep endpoints and environments safe.

Topics will include:
  • What CrowdStrike Falcon machine learning is and how it works
  • How to interpret results of machine learning-based threat detection
  • How users can benefit from the CrowdStrike Falcon machine learning engine
  • How this cutting-edge technology fits into the CrowdStrike Falcon breach prevention platform