Cloud-Enabled: The Future of Endpoint Security

Cloud-Enabled: The Future of Endpoint Security

As the cost and complexity of deploying and maintaining on-premises security continues to rise, many endpoint security providers have embraced the cloud as the ideal way to deliver their solutions. Yet, incorporating cloud services into legacy architectures limits their ability to fully engage the tremendous power the cloud offers.

CrowdStrike Falcon recognized the value of cloud-delivery from the beginning, developing architecture built from the ground up to take full advantage of the cloud. CrowdStrike’s cloud-powered endpoint security not only ensures rapid deployment and infinite scalability, it increases your security posture by enabling real-time advanced threat protection across even the largest, distributed enterprises.

In this CrowdCast, Jackie Castelli, Sr. Product Manager will discuss:

  • The advantages of endpoint protection purpose-built for the cloud – why it allows you to take full advantage of the cloud’s power
  • The common concerns organizations face when evaluating cloud-based endpoint security – can privacy and control be assured?
  • Real-world examples demonstrating the unique advantages offered by CrowdStrike Falcon’s innovative cloud-powered platform

Featured Speakers

Jackie Castelli

Senior Product Manager

Jackie Castelli, CISSP, has over 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. She has gained practical security experience in her roles as a security architect and data center manager. As a senior product marketing manager for CrowdStrike, she is responsible for educating the market about Falcon Host, CrowdStrike’s next-generation endpoint protection solution. Prior to CrowdStrike, Jackie worked in technical roles in pre-sales, IT and support. Jackie frequently speaks on cyber security topics at executive briefings and industry events.


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