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Cyber Extortion: Digital Shakedowns and How to Stop Them


Real world lessons from CrowdStrike Services experts investigating complex cyber extortion attacks

The criminal act of theft is as old as civilization itself, but in the cyber realm new ways to steal your organization's data or profit by holding it hostage, continue to evolve. With each advancement in security technology, adversaries work tirelessly on new techniques to bypass your defenses. Join us for a webcast, "Cyber Extortion: Digital Shakedowns and How to Stop Them" as we examine the evolution of cyber extortion techniques, including the latest "datanapping" exploits. Whether it's an attack on a major movie studio, a massive healthcare system, or a global entertainment platform, recent extortion attempts demonstrate how critical it is to understand today's threat landscape so you can ensure that your organization mounts the best defense possible.

Join us for this webcast to hear security experts from the cyber defense frontlines as they discuss:

  • The range of extortion techniques being used today, including commonalities and differences in approaches
  • Commodity type ransomware/datanapping vs. hands-on attacks — how are they alike and what are their differences?
  • Potential outcomes of paying vs. not paying when attempting to recover data after an attack
  • Real world examples of successful attacks and those that were thwarted or mitigated
  • Strategies for keeping your organization from being targeted and what to do if you become the victim of a cyber shakedown