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“I want to replace my legacy AV – but how do I actually do it?”


Moving to next-gen AV doesn’t have to be complicated — learn how to ensure a smooth transition

76 percent of organizations are actively looking to replace their existing AV solutions (source CrowdStrike ‘2017 State of the Endpoint’ report). It is clear that organizations are unhappy with their legacy antivirus (AV) products. However, now that you’ve decided replacement is the way to go, how do actually accomplish it? How do you find the best solution and once you do, how do you make the transition as seamless as possible?

Replacing your AV may seem like a complicated task, beginning with deciding on a next-gen AV replacement. This webcast seeks to clarify and simplify this process from the decision-making stage to preparing for and implementing a smooth transition. During this webcast, the presenters will focus on the critical steps required to make an informed decision, including how to plan for the replacement and how to choose the best solution for your organization. You will also learn the unique advantages of CrowdStrike’s approach to endpoint protection, including a practical demonstration of how easily you can transition to true next-gen AV protection.

Attend this webcast to learn:

  • The critical elements to consider when replacing your existing AV
  • How to accurately evaluate AV replacement solutions — the critical features to look for
  • The role and importance of third-party reviews and evaluations
  • A discussion with CrowdStrike customer Mark Saue, IT Director for Transpak, on his organization’s experience with replacing their existing AV
  • A practical demonstration of how to replace your existing AV with CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent