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Is There A Cure for the Ransomware Pandemic?

A discussion on Innovative Methods for Eradicating Online Extortion

As CrowdStrike’s head of Threat Intelligence testified during recent Senate hearings on the rising ransomware pandemic, clever criminals motivated by huge payoffs are creating super strains of the malware that are all but unstoppable using conventional security solutions. Conclusion: The only way to turn the tables on this increasingly sophisticated economic crime is to innovate faster than the criminals behind these crippling attacks. In this webcast, one of CrowdStrike’s lead architects will explain how new Indicator of Attack (IOA) methodologies are applying advanced behavioral analysis to successfully detect and actually prevent ransomware. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the challenges involved in ransomware prevention, see some common myths dispelled, and get new hope that game-changing approaches are capable of stopping these costly and destructive attacks.

The webcast will include:
  • An update on the most prevalent variants of ransomware
  • Real examples of ransomware in action, and how different solutions fare against it
  • How CrowdStrike Falcon cloud-delivered endpoint protection prevents known, unknown and “file-less” ransomware attacks

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