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NotPetya Postmortem: Ransomware, Ruse or Targeted Takedown?


CrowdStrike security experts offer an in-depth analysis of the destructive NotPetya global attack

It first appeared in the guise of a ransomware attack, with similarities to the infamous global WannaCry attack — but the plot quickly thickened: The self-propagating threat family collectively known as NotPetya went on to provide plenty of interesting twists and turns for cyber researchers during the days that followed. The more details they uncovered about the way the threat was crafted and deployed, the more questions came to light regarding the true motives behind this sophisticated and destructive fileless malware attack, and its actual intended targets.

In this new CrowdCast, CrowdStrike VP of Intelligence Adam Meyers will recount his team’s fascinating investigation to ascertain the actions and possible intent of NotPetya’s perpetrators, followed by a step-by-step analysis of the attack’s behavior — and how it was prevented starting on Day Zero — by the CrowdStrike Falcon® endpoint protection platform.


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