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Is Ransomware Morphing Beyond the Ability of Standard Approaches to Stop It?

Learn how to prevent & detect even the most complex “file-less” ransomware exploits

Ransomware continues to evolve as perpetrators develop new exploits with consequences that can be dramatic and immediate. The purveyors of ransomware continue to prosper with adversaries developing new strains such as Zepto and Cerber that are proving to be more challenging than ever. Other exploits can alter programmable logic controller (PLC) parameters and adversely impact mechanical systems. Clearly, new defense approaches are needed because organizations can no longer rely on backups and conventional security solutions to protect them. Join CrowdStrike Senior Security Architect Dan Brown as he offers details on these sophisticated new ransomware threats, and reveals recent innovations designed to offer better protection – including new indicator of attack (IOA) behavioral analysis methodologies that can detect and prevent even the most complex “file-less” ransomware exploits.

Attend this CrowdCast where Dan will discuss:

  • The challenges of defending against dangerous new variants, such as Zepto and Cerber
  • Real-world examples of ransomware in action and the sophisticated tactics being used by a variety of adversaries
  • How the CrowdStrike Falcon cloud-delivered platform can defend your organization against new super strains of ransomware that use sophisticated malware-free tactics