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AI, Consolidation and Cloud:
Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2024

What’s next for cybersecurity?

Advancing AI and cloud adoption are increasing risk for organizations. Adversaries are getting smarter and faster. Prepare to combat a complex cybersecurity landscape in 2024.


Average number of tools juggled by security teams1

7 minutes

All it takes for an attacker to start moving laterally through your network2


Increase in cloud exploitations over the past year3

Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2024 CrowdCast Series

Get expert insights, ask questions, and develop your cybersecurity strategy for 2024.

Session #1: Generative AI accelerates protection and investigation

Join CrowdStrike’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Sven Krasser, and VP of Product Marketing, Scott Simkin, for an in-depth discussion on large language models (LLMs), top applications for security operations, and practical guidance for navigating emerging market offerings and the growing risks of generative AI. We’ll also peek behind the curtain at CrowdStrike® Charlotte AI, our LLM-based security technology and hear early insights from beta customers.

Session #2: Cybersecurity Consolidation—Perspectives from Intel’s CISO and New Research

To defeat modern adversaries, security and IT leaders must move from siloed point products to a unified solution. Join us and our guest speakers – Intel’s CISO, Brent Conran and IDC’s research VP, Christopher Kissel – to learn the latest trends and hear how customers have stopped breaches, saved time and saved money by consolidating with the AI-native, CrowdStrike Falcon® platform.

Session #3: Cloud security consolidation extends protection from code to runtime

Cloud exploitations increased 95% over the past year, indicating cloud attack surfaces are becoming more vulnerable. While 2023 saw some cloud infrastructure and workload protection consolidation into unified CNAPP platforms, continuous delivery and ineffective application security still elevate overall risk and leave a gaping hole for adversaries to exploit. Join us for a review of the current state of application security, and see how CrowdStrike’s AI-native modern cloud security platform protects clouds from code to runtime.

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