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Using Proactive Hunting to Reveal Human Motive & Defeat Targeted Attacks

To defeat a sophisticated adversary, you need technology, expertise and high-grade threat intelligence. Any of these three elements can pose a challenge to security teams, but deep adversary-hunting expertise and the ability to assess and respond to new and unknown threats can strain the limits of most security operations. There are many contributing factors, including a growing skills gap, ever-evolving adversary activity, security “alert fatigue,” and more.

In this on-demand webcast, we tackle the issue of proactive hunting for emerging threats, and its crucial role in your security program. Viewers will leave with practical strategies for enhancing in-house programs, as well as a better understanding of how CrowdStrike’s Falcon Overwatch solution augments existing resources with expert analysis and 24/7 proactive adversary hunting capabilities.

The webcast will cover:

  • What proactive hunting is, and why it’s a critical component for data breach prevention
  • Where hunting activities fit in your detection program
  • How CrowdStrike Falcon Overwatch works, along with real-life examples of how it has detected malicious activity in time to stop breaches in progress

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