Customer Story

Innovative HR Solutions Provider BIPO Strengthens Security Posture and Bolsters Portfolio of World-class Partners


BIPO is a leading HR services provider with an extensive network of offices located in key gateway cities across the Asia-Pacific region. The company offers a wide range of advanced HR-related technologies, services and outsourcing options. Founded in 2004, BIPO has over 2,800 clients located in more than 100 countries, and has significant multi-continent expansion plans.

Why CrowdStrike

As a provider of HR-related services, BIPO handles mass volumes of sensitive information that need to be safeguarded and protected against potential threats. BIPO has embarked on a major initiative to create an all-digital solutions portfolio. The global rollout created a priority to evaluate the suitability of each infrastructure component and to standardize on a common set of technologies across the company.

The advanced next-generation antivirus and EDR capabilities from CrowdStrike, coupled with the proactive, managed threat-hunting functions of Falcon Overwatch has helped BIPO enhance the security of our environment.
Nico Duwana, Senior IT Infrastructure Manager

Implementation Success Deployment

Following successful completion of a comprehensive evaluation process, a phased rollout of the following CrowdStrike Falcon® platform modules was performed: Falcon Insight™ endpoint detection and response (EDR), Falcon Overwatch™ managed threat hunting and Falcon Prevent™ next-generation antivirus (NGAV).

All aspects of the deployment were handled seamlessly by BIPO’s in-house team without the need for any additional or external resources. A notable aspect was the ability to install the necessary Falcon modules without the need to restart servers, unlike previous security software.

“Our priority during the deployment and implementation process was to ensure a seamless transition, and circumvent disruptions to our clients. This was successfully achieved with the coordinated efforts of both BIPO and CrowdStrike’s teams,” said Duwana.

Enhanced Security Infrastructure & Capabilities

Noticeably visible was how CrowdStrike solutions have significantly enhanced BIPO’s security infrastructure through the detection and alert capabilities of Falcon. These have enabled BIPO’s team to put in place preemptive measures and mitigate potential risks.

The BIPO team also highlighted key benefits, which include receiving timely, detailed alerts and related information, and a comprehensive set of contextual materials that accompany each notification to enable faster analysis and ensuing remediation.

BIPO's core values stem from the integrity of our platform and establishing a global framework to support the compliance and regulatory needs of our clients. The relationship with valued partners like CrowdStrike enables BIPO to demonstrate our commitment to build a world-class, and highly secure cloud-based platform for our clients.
Nico Duwana, Senior IT Infrastructure Manager