Customer Story

University Health Network: Toronto Hospital Ensures Critical Protection with CrowdStrike

Healthcare organizations such as the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, Ontario must ensure their cybersecurity defenses are “exceptional” as cyberattacks increasingly target healthcare, says UHN CISO Kashif Parvais. As the largest teaching and research hospital in Canada, UHN required a platform that was easy to use, easy to deploy and helped his team stay ahead of the threats targeting its environment and sensitive patient records. UHN chose CrowdStrike for endpoint protection because the unified threat intelligence of the platform provides critical insight into its risk posture and helps the security team quickly respond to potential threats.

Parvais noted that this unified threat intelligence helps them stay on top of things as they are happening, “It’s very easy, very intuitive, very quick to get the reports that I need to take to my management and my executive team. We have trusted CrowdStrike to protect those precious records.”